BTS' 2021 Grammy performance of Dynamite shines the spotlight on why they deserved the Award

BTS' performance of 'Dynamite' at the 2021 Grammys lit up the night as only they could!
BTS performing at the 2021 Grammys. BTS' 2021 Grammy performance of Dynamite shines the spotlight on why they deserved the Award
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BTS has officially performed at the Grammy stage and it was nothing short of iconic. Recreating the entire Grammy set in Seoul, South Korea, albeit grander than the original, BTS brought the world to its knees with their incredible vocals, synchronization and choreography but that is certainly nothing new. BTS showed for once and all, how a stage should be dominated, especially one of the scale of the Grammys. While the group was not recognised by the Recording Academy when it came to awarding them the Grammy they rightfully deserved, BTS completely lit up the Grammy night with their performance which inspired a lot more than awe. 

It was difficult to focus on any one member as all of them looked equally stunning and performed with such finesse that BTS as a whole, looked like the force of power they are. The performance spanned over several locations which culminated on the rooftop of a Yeouido building, decked gloriously with lights. Jin's high notes were especially magical this Grammy night. Despite multiple renditions of the performance for several occasions, the novelty with which this performance was orchestrated is beyond comparison and that is exactly the reason why BTS deserved a Grammy. 

Fans are speculating that this BTS performance was pushed towards the end of the main show to hold the majority of the audience composed of ARMYs while the category BTS were nominated in, was moved to the pre-show so as to avoid any backlash for not awarding BTS with the Grammy. Either way, the Grammys aren't getting out of this with a clean, unscathed record. However, ARMYs are also focusing on uplifting and comforting BTS in the face of such unfair defeat. 

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