BTS, aespa and Brave Girls give a tough fight to each other on the Melon 24 hour chart

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BTS | Photo Courtesy: News1

BTS, aespa and Brave Girls are all vying for the top positions on the Melon 24 hour music chart. This occurred on June 20 when BTS’s Butter, aespa’s Next Level and Brave Girls’ Chi Mat Ba Ram was fighting for the top three positions where BTS maintained dominance at number 1 for most of the time while the two girl groups battled for the second and third position. Melon is a music streaming service and online music store of South Korea that merged with Kakao Music to have one streaming service, implying its significance. 


BTS made an energetic summer comeback with their English single ‘Butter’ in May 2021. The song charted at Number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 for three weeks straight becoming the fourth single by the group to do so. The music video of this hit song became the fastest to garner 100 million views and the highest number of views of 108.2 million in the first 24 hours. The seven-member boyband has consistently performed well on charts across the world. SM’s aespa also released ‘Next Level’ at the end of May. It was a continuation of the storyline from their debut single ‘Black Mamba’ as they venture in a fictional universe. Next Level led to aespa’s peak position at 97 on the Billboard Global 200. The group consists of four girls: Karina, Giselle, Ningning and Winter. They are a rookie group who debuted last year with a futuristic concept. 


Meanwhile, Brave Girls is a girl group formed in 2011 that has undergone several changes in their lineup. The current group members are Minyoung, Yujeong, Eunji and Yuna. The group has been around since a long time and gained popularity in 2021 with their song ‘Rollin’. The song ‘Chi Mat Ba Ram’ is the lead track of their fifth mini album ‘Summer Queen’. The song received a great reception from the public as it got millions of views for the music video and topped charts. 


BTS’s Butter only stepped down from Number 1 once at 8AM when most idol groups rank lower than their usual positions. Otherwise, BTS consistently stayed at number 1. Brave Girls and aespa also switched places for a while during the time. The three gave a good fight on the charts, sparking netizens’ curiosity. 


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