BTS amp up the heat making us melt like Butter in first video teaser for upcoming single

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BTS flaunting their style in the group concept photo of Butter (Pic credit - HYBE)

Expect the unexpected with BTS! On May 18, BTS members dropped the first video teaser for Butter, their upcoming new English single. After dropping a series of tasteful and scintillating concept photos of Butter, we get the first glimpse of Butter, sonically, and it is totally unexpected, in a good way of course! 

The concept photo opens with a rhythmic beat, the seven members greet us in a single frame. They are dressed impeccably in detailed jackets, glasses and accessories with stylish hairdos. A few seconds later, they start bopping their heads to the beat of the song in a rhythmic and continuous manner, almost like one of their well-choreographed synchronised dance form. Towards the end, their cover their mouths in surprise and we see a rather delectable visual of pancakes piled up and a blob of butter melting like hot lava, atop the pancake pyramid. We hear Jungkook's voice saying, 'Get It Let It Roll', with Butter written in bold yellow font.

You can check out the teaser video below:

Of course, ARMY were thoroughly intrigued and charmed by the brief teaser video and took to Twitter to share their excitement. 'Jungkook's Voice', 'Jung Hoseok', 'Taehyung Chewing', 'Help Me', 'Wait What' and 'ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST' take over worldwide Twitter trends. ARMY were quick to notice that Butter seems reminiscent of Queen's iconic song, Another One Bites The Dust! In their interview with Rolling Stone, RM said that Butter is a very summery, pure, swaggering dance-pop celebration track and boasts of being 'Smooth Like Butter'. We are sold, hook line and sinker! Butter releases on May 21 at 9:30 am IST.

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Credits: HYBE