BTS announce a special live fan meeting with ARMY with a unique dress code; Find out NOW

Updated on Aug 09, 2021 12:59 PM IST  |  397.8K
BTS pose at Billboard Music Awards (Pic credit - Getty Images)

ARMY, we have some exciting news to share! On July 29, Big Hit Music posted a notice on BTS' official Twitter page, announcing an upcoming special live meeting event for ARMYs who hold fan club memberships. Big Hit Music announced that the special live fan meeting is titled 'One Amazing Summer Day with ARMY', where BTS and ARMY will share some joyful and memorable moments together.

According to the notice, four different sessions of the live meeting event will be held, each session approximately 30 minutes long, on August 9. All seven members of BTS will be in attendance as well as 50 ARMYs per time slot, meaning there will be a total of 200 winners. Keeping in mind the current ongoing pandemic, the fan meeting will be online with a rather unique dress code - pajamas! Yes, you read It right. ARMYs are required to dress in their favourite PJs to attend the BTS fan meeting event. It would be really cool if BTS members match outfits with ARMYs as well. ARMYs cannot talk to the members during the fan meeting but can send messages via chat.

You can check out the fan meeting notice below:

Meanwhile, BTS joined BBC Radio 1's Adele Roberts for an interesting chat post their Live Lounge performance! BTS reminisced about their two-day memorable concert at the iconic Wembley stadium and the famous 'Ae Yo'. Taehyung and Suga shared that they really like London and it is one of their favourite cities. RM expressed his admiration for famous painter J.M.W Turner and the members also expressed their desire to go on a world tour once again and meet fans.

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When is BTS Fan meeting?
BTS fan meeting will be an online event and will premiere on August 9 for 200 special ARMY members.


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