BTS B side tracks that deserve a Music video of their own; Ft Dionysus & Pied Piper

We love our BTS songs so much, but we love the b-side tracks a little too much! We pick 5 BTS b-sidetracks that deserve a music video of their own!
BTS members pose for Grammy Awards 21 BTS pose for Grammy Awards 2021 (Pic Credits - News1)
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One honest confession every BTS  ARMY will admit to is the fact that we love our BTS music videos a lot, but we love our amazing b-side tracks a little too much! There are some fantastic b-side tracks that BTS has produced and performed live that we cannot help but petition to immortalise these songs in the form of a music video forever on their official YouTube channel! Yes, this is our #JusticeforBTSBsidetracks agenda and we list down 5 BTS b-side tracks that deserve a music video of their own.

1. Dionysus

A lot of ARMY might agree that Dionysus should have been the title track for BTS' Map Of The Soul: Persona. Dionysus makes stunning references to Greek Mythology and BTS' unique sound. Their breath-taking performances (Remember MelON Music Awards and Wembley?) entice me into thinking that Dionysus deserves a music video!

2. Pied Piper

Admit it, we have all watched the Pied Piper fancams more often than once and yet, we cannot get enough of it. Pied Piper is BTS' sweet and sensuous way of shading ARMYs love and obsession for them and we love it! Imagine if we get a Pied Piper official music video! Swoon-worthy!

3. Dis-ease

Dis-ease tackles issues of mental health in an upbeat and catchy way. The Korean name for the same originates from a Korean idiom that roughly translates to illness. The 90s style rap and addictive melody makes Dis-ease a worthy candidate for a music video of its own.

4. Mikrokosmos

Another gem of a song from BTS! Mikrokosmos's emotional makeup is reminiscent of Epilogue: Young Forever and Spring Day. It is heartbreakingly beautiful and emotional, perhaps because BTS bid us goodbye at concerts with this song. Mikrokosmos deserves to have a music video of its own.

5. Baepsae

It looks all fun and catchy, but it a serious song and only BTS can pull off a high-concept song like this! Baepsae combines the enjoyable elements of K-pop whilst addressing some relevant issues. And if their live performances are anything to go by, Baepsae will make a cool music video! 

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Which other BTS B-side tracks, you nominate for a music video? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments below

Credits :News1