BTS BE Comeback Countdown: Jin hilariously quips he's a vampire; Suga aka Yoongi wants to be a shaking boulder

As a part of BTS' album BE comeback countdown, the members were seen interviewing each other and asking quirky questions. While Jin spoke about his worldwide handsome face, Suga no longer wants to be a stone.
BTS' Jin shared the hilarious secret behind his worldwide handsome faceBTS BE Comeback Countdown: Jin hilariously quips he's a vampire; Suga aka Yoongi wants to be a shaking boulder
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While BTS ARMY is officially going gaga over BTS' just-released album BE, the members had a fun interaction during a comeback countdown session. Each member took turns to ask another bandmate some quirky questions. When it came to Jin, it was none other than Jungkook who asked him if Mr. Worldwide Handsome still thinks he's... well, incredibly handsome.

"I mean, how could I think of myself as handsome? I just say that to be funny and make people laugh. When I see myself in videos these days, I can see more wrinkles. I feel like my skin's getting worse, but I'm still handsome. Definitely. When I go out, the only thing that's more handsome than me is the mirror," the eldest member of BTS joked to which Jungkook exclaimed, "That's some confidence. Please maintain that confidence in the future."

While Jin confessed he's lost his appetite when it comes to food, the 27-year-old singer did reveal that he's been eating a lot of naengmyeon and moolhwe. When JK quizzed if these foods have anything to do with his handsomeness, Jin quipped, "I absorb others' lives. Yeah, I maintain my handsomeness by absorbing others' lives, like Dracula. Also, they're both cold foods, right? I think that makes my face freeze and stops it from ageing," which had Jinkook laughing out loud.

When it was Jin the Ice Prince's turn to ask questions, it was Suga aka the 'lazy bum of BTS', as the latter nicknamed himself, who gave the answers. While Jin noted that Yoongi had said earlier he wanted to be a stone, when asked if he still wants to be a stone, the 27-year-old rapper revealed, "Not really a stone but a boulder. A shaking boulder. Although it shakes, it never falls down. A shaking boulder like that."

While referring to his eternal roommate as Min Suga the Shaking Boulder, Jin then asked Yoongi if there is any other specific style or genre he wants to release, given that he's worked on lot's of songs lately. To this, Suga confessed, "I guess I'll release them if the timing's right. But I don't want to do ones we've already done in the past. I work on a lot of projects but... Well, I don't know... I have lots of songs written so I want the members to take them. No one asks for them." When Jin told him to give him a song, Yoongi quickly added, "Take it, there's a guitar song for you."

"Anyways, this year has been very eventful. We only have a few moments left. I hope next year is filled with just positive news. Let's all cheer up," Suga, who is currently recovering from shoulder surgery, shared as a parting message to ARMY.

Watch BTS' BE Comeback Countdown below:

We adore these boys and how!

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