BTS BE Concept Photos: Price of RM aka Namjoon's ensemble has us weeping over our bank statements

Updated on Nov 04, 2020 07:46 PM IST  |  3.3M
BTS BE Concept Photos: Price of RM aka Namjoon's ensemble has us weeping over our bank statements

As part of their upcoming album "BE", BTS members have been releasing solo concept photos. The photos see the Bangtan Boys seated in a room with elements curated by them. The concept photos rollout began with V who looked nothing less than an heir to a throne, followed by Jimin who surrounded himself with a breathtaking arrangement of flowers. A few hours ago, BTS leader RM's photos were released and the rapper opted for a mellow arrangement with minimal yet statement pieces. 

Seated on a red couch with Bearbrick Figurines behind him and his beloved bonsai resting on one corner of the room. While the arrangement had everyone talking, we couldn't stop ourselves from discussing his comfortable style statement in the photo. Kim Namjoon sported a casual wrap coat over a white round neck tee and shorts. 

But when Twitter account Bangtan Style revealed the prices of the ensemble, our hearts came to our throats. The rapper's casual out-of-the-bed look costs approximately $1735 (sans the white tee). That's approximate Rs 1.30 Lakh. Breaking down the cost, it has been revealed that Namjoonie's wrap coat, belonging to the house of FEAR OF GOD, costs about $895. The rapper slipped into a pair of BODE Shorts for the shoot which comes with a price tag of $450. He completed his look with a pair of $390 worth MARNI Sandals. 

The fashion account also revealed that two medium-size Bearbrick Figurines cost $450, while the bigger one, resting on the other end of the room in the photo costs $6200. What an expensive frame! 

What do you think about Namjoon's room? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Anonymous : The room looks really calming and comfort zone!! This room gives the vibe of presence of Namjoon (BTS leader)!! Really appreciate it!! The outfit suits him a lot..he looks awesome!!
REPLY 5 10 months ago
Anonymous : i think his concept photo is just like his personally in yesterday's run bts episode 114 btw a king never fails to imprese i am flabbergasted.
REPLY 8 10 months ago