BTS BE Concept Photos: RM aka Kim Namjoon's warmly crafted room envelops ARMY like a comfortable 'embrace'

Updated on Nov 04, 2020 09:19 PM IST  |  6.7M
BTS BE Concept Photos: RM aka Kim Namjoon's warmly crafted room envelops ARMY like a comfortable 'embrace'

BTS' highly-anticipated album BE is just a few short weeks away from dropping and the septet is increasing the curiousity with several epic teasers. The past two days saw the members unveiling individual concept photos which featured each bandmate doing a photoshoot in his own curated room. While V was all about striking a balance, Jimin showed off his contrasting personalities.

Next up we have the Bangtan leader RM who welcomes BTS ARMY into his personally curated room and from the first glimpse, Namjoon envelops us into a blanket of comfort through minimalism. The warm and woody tones to the carefully crafted room screams of Kim Namjoon, right from the KAWS figurines, the bonsai plant and even a painting, right at the center. Explaining the elements of his 'embrace' themed room, Joonie SHARED, "Hello and welcome to RM's room. I, RM as the curator of this room. I present to you my warm and cosy room! It's decorated with a white and wood tone colour scheme. This room evokes a sense of warmth, of being in someone's embrace."

It has a clean, crisp feel, with a warm painting on the wall, but I think it would have looked even better with some made of porcelain. I wanted to create a comfortable room that you don't get tired of, a place you spend time every day, which is why I chose this colour scheme. Does it look cosy to you too, ARMY?"

For the concept photo, according to fellow BTS ARMY member @Bangtan_Style07, RM donned a Fear of God plaid wrap coat worth USD 895 (Rs 66,723 apprx) which was paired with a white tee, a BODE checked line drawstring shorts worth USD 450 (Rs 33,547 apprx) and Marni sandals in nylon and foam rubber worth USD 390 (Rs 29,074 apprx). On why he chose this particular outfit for his concept photo, Namjoon revealed, "It best reflects my philosophy--a long-sleeved top paired with shorts is the best outfit." ARMY was also digging Joonie's cropped brown hairstyle with those piercing eyes that could melt even the cold-hearted souls.

Check out RM's aesthetically pleasing BE Concept Photos below:

If comfort were a person, it would be Kim Namjoon! ARMY had earlier envisioned how Joonie's room would be and all the checkpoints were ticked. RM has always been a source of comfort through his words and lyrics and his curated room is like a metaphor of his personality. Especially with BE's central theme about 'life goes on' amid the coronavirus pandemic, Namjoon's concept photo almost feels therapeutic.

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Meanwhile, BE drops on November 20.


Anonymous : Comfort equals namjoonie
REPLY 0 9 months ago
Anonymous : The room reflects Namjoon's personality...calming& comforting!! This outfit suits him a lot!! Definitely I would say Simplicity is the Best!! Purple u Joonie!!<3
REPLY 5 10 months ago
Anonymous : his room is so aesthetic ;-;
REPLY 2 10 months ago
Anonymous : Would love be in his embrace:)...*army u nice keep going*
REPLY 3 10 months ago
Anonymous : more like u nice keep thinking
REPLY 3 10 months ago
Anonymous : KIM NAMJOON
REPLY 2 10 months ago
Anonymous : If comfort is a person it would be KIM NAMJOON
REPLY 8 10 months ago
Anonymous : I want the old swag of BTS...... Imagine the era of run, jump....
REPLY 4 10 months ago
Anonymous : I hv a felling that this era will be similar to run era and BS&T era ..
REPLY 2 10 months ago