BTS BE: Jungkook reveals how he tried to reflect members' personal aspects while directing Life Goes On MV

During BTS' global press conference for BE, Jungkook shared his thoughts on being given the opportunity to direct his first music video with Life Goes On MV.
Jungkook turned director for BTS' Life Goes On MVBTS BE: Jungkook reveals how he tried to reflect members' personal aspects while directing Life Goes On MV
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One of the aspects of BTS' album BE that BTS ARMY is eagerly waiting for is the lead single Life Goes On MV, which was directed by our very own Jeon Jungkook. During BTS' global press conference for the upcoming album, Kookie was referred to as Director-nim which got a very adorable, shy reaction out of The Golden Maknae.

Talking about directing the music video of Life Goes On and his thought process behind it, Jungkook explained, "I'm still too embarrassed to be called as ‘Director-nim’. I came to take charge of the music video because I like taking videos. I took the role, so I did my best. When I hear Life Goes On, I feel realness to it," via fellow BTS ARMY member @JJK_Times. "I thought the most important thing about the song is the realness and genuineness. Based on that, I had talks with the directors and the production team. I also asked the members if there were any personal aspects that they wanted to show, and I tried to reflect their opinions in the MV," Kookie added.

On what BTS' emotions were that he tried to explain through Life Goes On MV, JK revealed, "The emotion I wanted to express is the sadness and the longing that was felt because the tour was cancelled due to COVID-19 and because we couldn’t see ARMY much. It’s amazing that the video I took and worked hard on is released as a music video."

"I think it was a great opportunity for me. And I came to have a personal dream of making a splendid music video in the future, building on this opportunity, which is what I liked about the experience," Jungkook concluded.

We can't wait to see what director Jungkook has in store for BTS ARMY!

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