BTS’ Butter MV Sketch takes us closer to their fancy outfits and goofy but smooth like butter personalities

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Jungkook in his purple long hair and eyebrow piercing in BTS' 'Butter' MV Sketch.

BTS and ARMY, both have been relentlessly working hard. While the former may be working on something new, the latter is making sure ‘Butter’ gets the recognition it deserves. ‘Butter’ is already on its way to become the ultimate summer bop - catchy lyrics, pop culture references, light, upbeat music and even topping charts. Today, on May 23, Big Hit Music posted the in-the-making of this super hit summer bop and it’s adorable! 


The very first second of the music video was enough to make everyone go crazy. It showed a long-haired, purple (even though monochromatic) and eyebrow piercing Jungkook. Each members’ fits were spectacular, with J-Hope’s blonde hair, Jimin’s rainbow, RM’s pink and Jin’s forehead exposed. The members spent fun times on the set, where Jungkook liked himself in one shot and asked the director to keep that as the final cut. On the other hand, Jimin liked another shot and asked the same. The bickering was definitely cute! 


They even teased J-Hope’s pointed shoulder coat - something we’re sure most of us might have missed. But now that we look back, it indeed is very high! J-Hope commented on it saying that that’s BTS’ confidence right now. Well, we don’t doubt that! Probably the best moment is during the freestyle dance shoot in the elevator. While other members did it freestyle, Suga actually learnt choreography for it! Jimin said he went blank because J-Hope and Jungkook were watching him! 


Before we divulge more, it’s better that you watch it yourself! Check out the Butter MV Sketch below:



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ARMYs, what was your favourite moment in the video? Share them with us in the comments below!

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