BTS Butter SUGA & Jin concept clips, ENHYPEN’s 1st win, New KPop girl group & more: DAILY HIGHLIGHTS

There’s a lot that went down on May 4. While the bigger news was always right in our face, here are some other news of the K-Pop industry you might have missed out on.
A still from BTS' Butter concept clip of Jin A still from BTS' Butter concept clip of the eldest member, Jin.
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May 4 was a busy day for fans trying to keep up with everything that happened in the K-industry. Well, our Daily Highlights segment is here to help you do exactly that - but in a much easier way! Take a look at the key moments that happened today below in a bite-sized format. 

Mystic Story’s new girl group scheduled to launch in second half of 2021


The entertainment label has reported that they plan to launch the debut of their first girl group later in the year, though the name of the band is not known at this moment. The group will consist of six members, of which only the identities of Kim Su Hyun and Moon Sua have been revealed. Kim Su Hyun played the popular character of a high school girl in ‘A-TEEN’, while Moon Sua made an appearance on ‘Unpretty Rapstar 2’, and is the younger sibling of ASTRO’s Moonbin. Last year, an Instagram account named ‘Mystic Rookies’ was started by the label, featuring updates about trainees and the group. 


Rocket Punch unveils concept photos for upcoming album ‘Ring Ring’

With the group’s first single album set to release on May 17, the promotions are definitely going to create much hype. The first set of concept photos feature beautiful portraits of the individual members, along with one of the entire group together. Certainly colourful with a slight cartoonish look, the photos project a definite ‘lightness’ to the upcoming album. This is going to be the group’s latest comeback, following their third mini album, BLUE PUNCH, from the ‘COLOUR PUNCH’ series, featuring title track ‘JUICY’.






Red Velvet’s Peek-A-Boo surpasses 200 million views; becomes their fourth MV to achieve this 


The hauntingly beautiful music video Peek-A-Boo was released on November 17, 2017 and today, on May 4, 2021 surpassed 200 million views on YouTube today! The video has an edgy, seductive vibe, and is clearly a fan favourite. It is Red Velvet’s fourth MV to achieve this after Bad Boy, Psycho and Russian Roulette. Congratulations, Red Velvet! 



ENHYPEN takes its first-ever win on The Show with their comeback track Drunk-Dazed


Rookie group ENHYPEN made their first comeback just a few days ago with their album titled BORDER: CARNIVAL. The album’s title track Drunk-Dazed has been doing rounds and is a catchy song. They were strong contenders to other first place competitors CLOSE by AB6IX and Ugly Dance by ONF. In the end, ENHYPEN’s Drunk-Dazed won by 6,790 points, making them achieve their first-ever trophy! 



Kim Nam Gil in talks to star as a lead in SBS’ upcoming crime thriller


Actor Kim Nam Gil has shown his acting prowess by being a part of commendable projects such as Pandora and Memoir of A Murderer. Currently being cast in the upcoming drama ‘Island’, he has received an offer to play the role of a criminal profiler in SBS’ new crime thriller called Those Who Read Hearts of Evil. The actor;s agency confirmed that he has received the role and is still reviewing. They also stated that he has received many offers after being cast in Island but nothing is yet confirmed. 


BTS’ #3rdTasteOfButter: Members Jin and SUGA show a fun side in the concept clip


BTS’ highly-anticipated single Butter has been creating a lot of buzz lately. Yesterday, BIG HIT MUSIC released Jungkook and RM’s concept clips. Today, they released clips of the oldest members Jin and SUGA’s clips. Jin holds a bunch of smiley balloons in his hands, which are both red and yellow in color, SUGA’s prop is that of an old camera, and he goes around clicking pictures,posing with it and taking out reels in the video. 




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