BTS' company BigHit Labels announce strategic partnership with UMG; Reveal plans to debut a new boy group

In an exclusive press conference on February 18, 2021 BigHit Entertainment announed their strategic partnership with Universal Music Group, ushering a new era in pop music history.
BTS' company BigHit Labels announce strategic partnership with UMG; Reveal plans to debut a new boy group
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Early morning, at 8 AM KST on February 18, 2021, BigHit Entertainment, the company behind the Grammy-nominated artists BTS announed their strategic partnership with Universal Music Group, the world's leading music-based entertainment company.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Universal Music Group along with YG Entertainment would be partnering up with BigHit Entertainment to invest in BigHit's joint venture with Kiswe, VenewLive. This is significant because with this partnership, UMG is looking to bring their own roster of world class pop music artists to the livestreaming platform. The strategic partnership announced today, aims to brings together the global power and reach of BigHit Entertainment with UMG to usher in a new era in pop music history. 

Pinkvilla had the incredible opportunity to attend the exclusive livestreaming of the Press Conference held by BigHit Entertainment and Universal Music Group today at 4:30 AM IST and witness history with our own eyes as BigHit finally announced that there will be a 3-fold partnership between the two companies. Firstly, there will be a joint venture between BigHit Entertainment and Interscope Geffen Records for a global artist project; UMG aims to use BigHit Entertainment's global platform, technology and innovation to enhance the connection of artists and their fans through VenewLive and further to deliver an overall better fan and artist experience through Weverse.

Most specifically, one of the biggest announcements to come out of the Press Conference was that BigHit Entertainment will be launching a new boy group in collaboration with Universal Music Group and the members for the group will be chosen through a global audition. BigHit America and a company established in a joint venture with UMG will be supervising the group's activities. In addition, artists under UMG, in particular, Alexander 23 and Yungblud will be joining BigHit Entertainment's fan community Weverse soon, which is to be followed by even more artists under UMG in the near future. At the same time, Universal Music Records also announced their aim to bring world class music acts to fans through BigHit Entertainment and Kiswe's joint venture VenewLive, creating an unbelievably novel experience to the virtual concert scene, taking it to a whole other dimension. 

The scale of this partnership is beyond comprehension and fans of pop music all over the world can only begin to imagine the great things that will come out of this. We're excited, are you?

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What are you expecting for BigHit x UMG's new boy group? Share your thoughts with Pinkvicompanylla in the comments section down below!

Anonymous 4 days ago

Okay, but when is there going to be a girls' group, when are you going to give talented girls a chance? Is he afraid of another scandal like Glam ? Or is he only interested in boys? Or is he a misogynist?

Anonymous 1 week ago

I wish the new group success but no offense...Once an Army, forever an Army

Anonymous 1 week ago

I was a "forever Army" in my teenage years, then as I reached adulthood I moved away from BTS to other groups that suited me better. This is not a criticism! That's life, you move forward at your own pace, and to move forward well you have to discover the whole world (especially music).

Anonymous 1 week ago

Yes, I'm an Army too but that doesn't mean I'm a fan of other Big Hit groups. I have taste and personality, I like the idols according to their songs, dances,... not because they are part of the same label. While many fans support the idols only for the label and not for themselves. It's simply disrespectful for theses idols. Like the many times TxT were interviewed only in relation to BTS. Idols have their own personality, we must stop cloning them.