BTS dance under a starlit Seoul for Day 2 on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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BTS concept photo : courtesy of Big Hit Music

It was a smooth night for BTS and anyone watching them.

For BTS second day on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the group performed their highly praised single 'Butter. Dressed in smart black and white outfits that shone on the bright road of the World Cup Bridge, the boys’ charms were on display. Strutting down the bridge, all the while maintaining their high notes and confident voice, the seven members also showed some well-choreographed dance moves.

You can watch the Day 2 performance below.

The TV debut for BTS’s newest song ‘Permission to Dance’ also took place on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. On Day 1, the premiere for the new track as well as a fun chat session with the seven BTS members went down.

You can watch the Day 1 performance below.

Along with the performance, Jimmy Fallon talked to the boys and broke into a game of ‘True or Not’, clarifying some burning rumours and getting a good laugh out of the BTS members. He brought out their past pictures, embarrassing some while the others only marvelled at how much they’ve grown and become handsome! No doubts there. 

The interview is available on The Tonight Show’s official YouTube channel.

The show also shared an extended version of the interview on their Twitter account, adding to the fun of the viewers.

Not only this, but the BTS boys have been making history with each step as they continue to chart their last single ‘Butter’ on the Billboard Hot100 Chart at the No.1 spot for seven consecutive weeks, a feat so magnificent, only a handful of other artists have managed to achieve it before.

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