BTS dances without caution in ‘Permission to Dance’ MV for their new release after ‘Butter’

Updated on Jul 09, 2021 01:14 PM IST  |  273.2K
BTS concept photo : courtesy of BIGHIT MUSIC

On 9 July, BTS premiered ‘Permission to Dance’ music video on the company’s official YouTube channel HYBE LABELS at 1 PM KST. This song becomes their third all-English single after their releases, Dynamite in August 2020 and Butter in May of this year. The group takes on a jolly vibe with country outfits, reimagining going back to a happy world without the barrier of face masks.

The music video begins with a continuation of their last song Butter. A masked air hostess is seen carrying a plate full of pancakes topped with butter, looking longingly outside her window. 

BTS members then appear at different locations and cheerfully express their will to sing Elton John and dance it out during dark times. The lyrics convey wanting to keep aside their worries and make newer plans revolving around dance. They refuse to ask anyone’s permission to have a good time and wish to overcome any hurdles standing in their way.

The video is shot in country-style locations with complementary tassel-filled outfits and cowboy hats. Choreographed with easy to follow steps, with an addition of the International Sign Language’s ‘dance’, ‘fun’ or ‘peace’ sign making an appearance. All throughout the video, there is a constant appearance of purple coloured balloons. One of the concept photos for the song had member SUGA reading a newspaper with the headline ‘Purple balloons signal the end of Covid-19’, a clear message that the group wishes the world would go back to its original state. 


The song comes to an end with everyone throwing off their masks and smiling at the camera. A special behind the scenes style clip is added where back dancers and BTS members dance together to the tunes of ‘Permission to Dance’.


You can watch the video below:



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