BTS face tough choices in ‘Permission to Dance’ Balance Game

Published on Jul 17, 2021 05:53 PM IST  |  178.2K
BTS concept photo : courtesy of Big Hit Music

BTS are known to have fun each time they are together, and this video is no different. The boys have some tough choices to make as they play the Balance Game for their new song ‘Permission to Dance’. The members are often divided between the two choices, while some of the questions have them questioning their own habits and daily life. 

BTS always give plenty of content to their fans to enjoy while promoting any song. For their newest release, ‘Permission to Dance’, they engage in an amusing Balance Game. They are presented with 2 choices where the aim of the game is to choose within the first few seconds of reading them. Dressed in cute denim overalls, the Bangtan Boys go for an adorable look with this one. Their new song plays in the background, while the boys face tougher choices each time going around the line and back.

BTS’ food preferences, sleeping habits, sensitivity to noise, gaming choices, daily habits, and more are questioned throughout the game. The seven members frequently make easy but funny dance moves, making the ones behind them follow. They continue playing for a good part of 8 minutes, ending the video with each member entering the video frame one by one to make an endearing final cut. Phrases like ‘Is this what kids do nowadays’, ‘Mom, I’m on Tv’ and ‘We look like idols’ can be heard from the always humble and charming BTS.

You can watch the video below for some laughs yourself.

Big Hit Music released another mysterious video of BTS dressed in all-whites, walking down a grassy opening, captioned ‘Feel the rhythm of your heart. What do you hear?’ with links to their song ‘Permission to Dance’. We wonder what they have in store for us next!

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