BTS' Film Out becomes their fastest Japanese MV to achieve 100 million views on YouTube in record time

BTS’s latest music video has reached 100 million views within a month! Read on to find out.
BTS members pose on Grammys 2021 red carpet BTS members pose on Grammy Awards 2021 red carpet (Pic credit News1)
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ARMY, it is time for celebration! BTS' latest music video Film Out has reached 100 million views on YouTube in record time! Film Out is composed by BTS' golden-maknae Jungkook in collaboration with Japanese rock-band Back Number. Film Out has been selected as the theme song for the 'Theatrical Version Signal Long-Term Unresolved Case Investigation Team.' The Japanese film Signal is a remake of the 2016 Korean drama Signal. Also, Film Out is part of BTS' new Japanese album, BTS, THE BEST to be released on June 16.

Film Out is a slow tempo track with poignant lyrics. The emotional ballad explores the idea of going back to the same person, who still lingers on in your mind, the person who never disappears from your heart. On April 29, Film Out exceeded 100 million views on YouTube, making it the group’s fastest Japanese music video ever to achieve the feat. The song released on April 2 at midnight KST and achieved this scintillating record within a month. Film Out has now been added amongst BTS' 33 other amazing music videos to have achieved the amazing record of 100 million views on YouTube. Congratulations to BTS!

Meanwhile, BTS will be performing at the 31st Lotte Duty Free Family Concert on May 16 at 5 pm KST. Also, BTS is all set to release their second English track, Butter a couple of days later on May 21 at 1 pm KST. BTS members have also unveiled an interesting schedule leading up to the release of Butter with new concept photos and teasers. ARMY are predicting that Butter will be a diss-track! We cannot wait! 

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What is Film Out about?
Film Out’ is a slow tempo song that talks about the pain of longing for a loved one.