#10YearsWithJungkook: 6 fancams showcasing the incredible stage presence BTS’ golden maknae possesses

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#10YearsWithJungkook: 6 fancams showcasing the incredible stage presence BTS’ golden maknae possesses

Jeon Jungkook, BTS’ golden maknae might just be the biggest force to reckon with in the K-Pop industry. With stunning visuals, incredible vocals, charming & humble personality, a talented painter, composer, runner - Jungkook isn’t termed ‘Golden’ for anything.Today, as April 24 begins in South Korea, ARMYs are celebrating ten years of togetherness with Jungkook. 


He joined Big Hit Entertainment on April 24, 2011 and Twitter is filled with memories of nostalgia, of watching the golden maknae’s journey during all these years. As they’re putting their love out there, we thought we should too. So we’re celebrating the immense hard work Jungkook has been putting in, and listing our top six favourite performance fancams of his. 


No one can resist Jungkook’s charms. He goes from being all aggressive to being an adorable puppy in a matter of few seconds. At the mere age of 23, he has broken many records and has become the youngest ASIAN artist to have number one and two on together charting on Billboard Hot 100. 


BTS and Jeon Jungkook, both are the nation and ARMYs' pride. Remember the time Jungkook once said that because he grew up with the members, he thinks he has incorporated habits of each of them? He’s basically the superhero of the group - a mix of each of the member’s talents and personalities. Which makes Jungkook not just the group’s most loved member, but also the nation's! 


The 23-year-old singer once said, “I can’t just say ‘cheer up no matter what’, but in the midst of that difficulty, try to find that small happiness.” 


Today, we want to him for giving us all the small and big happiness through his music and performances.


So here we are, listing our top six fancams that are etched in our minds forever! The order we’ll follow is from past to present, just so we can watch Jungkook grow in front of our eyes again!


FIRE - 161018



Starting with the one Jungkook fancam that made ARMYs realize what happens when he’s upset. There have been talks about how this performance was a day before Jungkook’s exam and as a result of his performance commitments, he couldn’t study. Even though the maknae did say that he regrets not studying properly, he still is a perfectionist who wants to give his all in everything. Be it performances or results. 


INTRO STAGE - 170114



Starting as Kookie in a hoodie and transforming into Jungkook in a school uniform, the last time we saw a brown-haired Jungkook with his intense eyes seems like ages ago. Performing old hits such as Boy In Luv and DOPE, Jungkook’s stable vocals and high notes in this makes us miss the old Jungkook! 


MIC DROP - 180622



In just a year, Jungkook went from the cool next-door guy to a piece of art. This was the day where each social media platform was filled with red-haired Jungkook and his waistline pictures. Jungkook’s stylist definitely deserved a raise for this particular fit. From intense glares to the body rolls in the end - this incredible Mic Drop performance will never be forgotten! 


AIRPLANE PT. 2 - 181214 



Six months later, we were blessed with this Jungkook in a royal white fit with his iconic introduction walk at the MAMA stage. The 2018 MAMA performance was iconic for a few reasons, Taehyung’s outfit and SOPE’s salsa dance - but Jungkook’s white outfit with class black hair made all the difference! 


BAPSAE - 190519 



Jungkook’s massive power was revealed during the Bapsae performance at the Speak Yourself tour in New Jersey. Giving ARMYs another fit to swoon over, ripped denim, white tee, and blue/purple shaded open tshirt was a recipe for losing control. What remains more iconic is the explosive combination of a body roll and hip thrusts. Bapsae is a diss track and naturally energetic. But the energy Jungkook showed with his jawline and muscles, left ARMYs wondering how can someone even grow up to be this fit in just five months?


LET GO - 191123



Another incredible fit. Can someone please give the tour stylists a raise already? While the other members carried galaxies, Jungkook wore a sea-green colored satin shirt, tucked inside black denim. With such a beautiful song that expresses pain, Jungkook’s voice did so too. 


While we’re stopping our list in 2019, we definitely love his performance in ON, Life Goes On and more songs! Well, why don’t you guys tell us your favourite fancams from 2020 onwards, as a way of appreciating his hard work? 

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