'BTS is my everything': RM dishes about what the K-pop global superstar group BTS means to him

BTS' RM in a recent interview talked about what the K-pop group means to him after ten years of being together. Read here to know all the inside stories he shared.

Published on Oct 01, 2023   |  07:07 PM IST  |  1.5M
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  • BTS' RM opens about how he feels about BTS now
  • BTS' RM shares his excitement about reuniting with all the members in 2025

BTS' RM during a recent interview shared his thoughts about what BTS' future looks like when the group comes back together as one in 2025. The Indigo singer also revealed what he thinks of BTS as a group now after 10 years of being together and leading the group to such great heights. RM who is known for songs like Moonchild, Wild Flower, and more has always been transparent about his thoughts with the fans.

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BTS' RM on what is BTS for him now after 10 years of being together 

In a recent interview with GQ Japan, BTS' leader RM opened up about what he thinks of the K-pop superstar group now that they have completed ten years in the industry. The Moonchild singer replied that for him BTS was his everything while he was in his twenties. He mentioned it to be his most important line in the resume of life for the person named Kim Namjoon. For him, BTS will continue to be an important part of his life and he wants to continue being BTS. RM shared that he has irreplaceable and precious memories along with a unique bond with all the members of BTS. He considers all the BTS members as his precious family and best friends at the same time as being colleagues and fellow team members. RM thinks the word closest to the emotions he shares with all the members of BTS is love. He loves all BTS members immensely and deeply. 


BTS' RM dishes out on the group's reunion in 2025

As many of you know, BTS members are currently focusing on their mandatory military service and solo projects. When asked what BTS' RM thinks about the moment all members will be on stage in 2025, he shares that he can't say whether the members may or may not have changed except the core. He conveys that he is eagerly waiting for 2025. Because he has been with BTS for 10 years since the year they debuted (2013), he wants to challenge this fortune and see how far he can still go. RM wishes to experience another different seven with the members along with rewriting another seven histories.

Currently, Jin, J-Hope, and Suga are serving in the military whereas Jimin and V wrapped up their solo debut albums. Jungkook is in the midst of his second digital single release followed by an upcoming mini-album release in late 2023. RM hinted about his next project in a recent live where he mentioned that it will start to open up in October, let's wait and see what our Namjoonie has in store for us.

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Oct 03, 2023
I love you bts i miss you bts❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Oct 02, 2023
Hello RM nice to meet you i Love you BTS all members and I\'m dance lover all. BTS song\'s I love I\'m and I\'m Indian girl...🤗I\'m coming to south Korea please help me...RM ...🤗👍
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