BTS’ J-Hope’s Late Night Live: scared, happy, confused and more, all the emotions ARMY felt

Published on Jul 26, 2021 06:02 PM IST  |  151.1K
J-Hope at the press conference for 'Butter': courtesy of News1

J-Hope went live! Did you miss it maybe?

Worry not, we got you covered. 

The rapper, dancer, and singer from BTS decided to go live on VLive suddenly in the early hours of 26 July. It was just past 12:40 AM in Seoul where the artist went live from, leaving the fans scrambling to tune in. 

Titled ‘Late Night J-Hope Live’ fans came expecting it to be another chat session like the ones members VRM, and Suga have had in the past weeks. They were in for a surprise as J-Hope began grooving to some songs in the purple-lit practice room of the HYBE Labels building. 

Dressed in comfortable loose pants and a brown t-shirt, J-Hope was his stylish self as he added a beret to his look. After a brief chat with the fans, music playing in the background, he took off his mask and did some simple steps on the wood-floored room. Doing the solo dance, a rare sight for all the fans, J-Hope ‘rode the rhythm’ as he likes to call it for about 82 minutes, occasionally taking water and chat breaks. 

The artist discussed the condition of his bleached hair, sent loving replies to fans, joked around, and tried very hard not to spoil any of his future plans. He was curious just how much did the fans like BTS’ newest release and the ARMY did not disappoint. Bare-faced and even during early hours, he looked flawless and energetic.

After an hour of dancing, J-Hope proceeded to his personal studio. On riding the HYBE Labels elevator, fans asked if he was scared because of the empty premises. Though his first reply was no, he played ‘Permission to Dance’ to keep company. Fans could not have enough of J-Hope’s adorable actions.

After a small Q&A session in his newly styled studio, the artist bid goodbye with a promise to abruptly come back on again. 

We hope so too!

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