BTS: Jimin deems BE album 'record of emotions' members are feeling; Reveals he discussed THIS the most with V

BTS singer Jimin recently hosted a live session where he teased the septet's upcoming album BE and shared his experience of working as the project manager.
BTS: Jimin deems BE album 'record of emotions' members are feeling; Reveals he discussed THIS the most with V
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In less than ten days, BTS will drop their new album BE. The new release is extra special as the members have not just participated in creating the music but they also worked on the concept, design, direction, and more. As though our excitement for the album wasn't already sky-high, Jimin teased the album furthermore! Mochi recently hosted a YouTube live wherein he spoke about the work that has gone in the making when he said that the album is a "record of emotions" that the members have felt and are feeling now. 

Just recently, BTS dropped the titles of the songs on the album and it has left the ARMY prepping for an emotional rollercoaster. As translated by Soompi, ChimChim confirmed that almost all songs are ready at the point of the live session and added that the music video has been shot. A few days ago, Jungkook had revealed that he took to the director's seat to direct a few moments from the video. “The music video was also really fun to shoot," Jimin said. The singer added that the MV is the "roughest" video so far. 

The Filter singer added that he had fun working on the album as well. The singer recalled the septet coming together to discuss themes, sharing ideas, receiving feedback was a fun process. "I’d show the members and say, ‘I tried writing this song, melody, lyrics. How is it?’ Of course, some things made it in and lots of other things didn’t make it. But it felt great when the members said I did a good job. It was fun to try various different things," he said. 

Jimin also revealed that he would have elaborate discussions about the best key to use. He added that he delved deep into such discussions with fellow BTS member V. The singer also weighed in on his role as the project manager for the group to explain that his duties required him to act as an intermediary between the agency and members. He would coordinate with each member about their desired themes and styles. He would then compile it and share it with the agency. When he'd receive the feedback, he would share it with the group. 

He wrapped up the live session by sharing, "I hope that it will be a precious album for you too for a long time." He added that he misses the ARMY and hopes to see in them in person soon. Watch the live session below: 

During the session, he also shared an update about Suga's health. Read about it in the link below. 

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