BTS' Jimin, V, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope and BLACKPINK's Lisa, Jennie rule Instagram like THIS

BTS members Jimin, V, SUGA, J-Hope, Jin and BLACKPINK's Lisa, Jennie dominate the social media platform Instagram. Read here to know how.

Updated on Oct 17, 2023  |  10:09 PM IST |  359.8K
BTS' V, BLACKPINK's LISA; Credits: BIGHIT MUSIC, Lisa's Instagram
BTS' V, BLACKPINK's LISA; Credits: BIGHIT MUSIC, Lisa's Instagram
Key Highlight
  • BTS' V, Jin, SUGA, J-Hope and Jimin attain more than 5 million likes on average on Instagram post
  • BLACKPINK members Lisa and Jennie also join the Top 10 list

It is not only the world of K-pop where the members of K-pop groups BTS and BLACKPINK dominate their presence with music. They now have shifted focus to the social media platform Instagram, where their stardom and fame speak for themselves. Based on HypeAuditor's latest research, five members of BTS and two members of BLACKPINK have made their way into the Top 10 of Instagram Like's Elite. 

BTS and BLACKPINK members attain highest average likes on Instagram posts

HypeAuditor is known for providing a comprehensive set of tools and reports one can utilize to dig an analysis on influencers available on Instagram. They have been determining the social media platform's top accounts on the basis of the huge followers that a particular influencer holds. But this time, they kept aside their traditional practices and took a different approach by determining the highest average likes received on posts by Instagram's elite. 

Only ten accounts on Instagram achieve over five million likes on average consistently on their posts. Among them are the accounts of five BTS members and two BLACKPINK members. BTS' V secures the No.1 position by receiving 9.2 million likes on average and boasts a following of 61.8 million. BTS' Jin is at No.2 with the same average number of likes as BTS' V and 49.9 million followers.


HypeAuditor Rankings

More BTS and BLACKPINK members on the list

BTS' SUGA attains 7.1 million likes on average with 48 million followers. BTS' J-Hope gets 6.7 million likes on average with 47.8 million followers followed by BTS' Jimin, who receives 6.4 million likes on average and has a following of 51.6 million. Whereas, BLACKPINK's Lisa gets 7.4 million likes on average on her posts with a following of 98.1 million. 

Last but not the least is BLACKPINK's Jennie, who boasts 5.6 million likes on her post on average with a following of 81.6 million. The remaining three celebrities on the list were Cristiano Ronaldo, Taylor Swift and Zendaya.

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Credits: HypeAuditor, BIGHIT MUSIC, Lisa's Instagram

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