From BTS’ Jimin & V to MAMAMOO’s Wheein & Hwasa: Meet the idols who were friends first and idol buddies later

Even though the K-Pop industry is huge, it still seems small when you realise that almost every idol knew some other idol and were friends! Check out the BFF idol list below.
From BTS’ Jimin & V to MAMAMOO’s Wheein & Hwasa: Meet the idols who were friends first and idol buddies later
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Many of us still have at least a couple of friends that we made in school. Some we work with, some we hang out with, and some whom we just send memes to. Is it even a childhood friendship if you haven’t made future plans of working together? Well, at least some lucky people managed that part!


It’s always a surprise to find classmates in a different environment, as some people majorly lose touch. With life continuing to move on and fast forward without any stops, it feels weird and happy at the same time when we see a familiar face in the industry. Especially, when it’s a competitive industry! 


The idols mentioned in this list were schoolmates, who managed to land their dream jobs. From being school club members to being trainees to being global stars now, these idols have come a long way. Let’s start the list then, shall we?


BTS’ Jimin & V and Oh My Girl’s Seunghee

First of the list, we have the popular trio, BTS’ soulmates Jimin and V and their classmate, Seunghee. During an interview in 2019, Seunghee revealed that she went to Korean Arts High School, and had been friends with Jimin and V since then. She also said that they do try to meet up now and again, and really love each other’s work. Even though she didn’t say anything more, we can only imagine the kind of fun they would do whenever they meet up! Not to forget that the BTS soulmates never give up the chance to talk about how they went to school together! Not just that, they even released the song ‘Friends’ to pay a tribute to their school days!


EXO’s D.O. and BTOB’s Hyun Sik

Having attended Goyang Baekseok High School, they were passionate participants of the club ‘Heavenly Voice’, (the name is on-point!) Couple of years ago, a video went viral which showed both of them crooning to a cover of Brown Eyed Soul’s ‘My Story’, while they were still in high school. A clear evidence of natural talent, it increased their fan following in multitudes. Im Hyun Sik even said that they always talked about meeting again after debuting as singers, and he’s happy that they achieved it!


NCT’s Jaehyun and DIA’s Chaeyeon

Having known each other since their homeroom days, Jaehyun and Chaeyeon have a really good friendship. Both graduated from the ‘Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment’ from the School of Performing Arts in Seoul. Following each other on social media and cheering during performances, they still have a great relationship. They also know how to hold each other’s back. On a radio interview a few years ago, Chaeyeon talked about how Jaehyun was a hard-working, diligent student and was popular too. 


MAMAMOO Wheein and Hwasa 

Being friends and debuting is great. But being friends and debuting in the same school? It’s incredible. The talented singers both graduated from Wonkwang Information Arts High School and have been together since then. They came to Seoul together, applied to the same company, got selected and debuted together! Oh, and they recently appeared on KBS 2TV’s new variety show together where they talked about their shared memories and experiences!


APink’s Hayoung, GFRIEND’s Yerin and Red Velvet’s Joy

The 96-liner trio attended the School of Performing Arts in Seoul together! While Hayoung and Yerin majored in the ‘Department of Applied Music’, Joy had an Acting Arts major. Having been great friends since then, they frequently praise each other’s work and are very public with their friendship. The girls often send one another coffee trucks and Yerin even calls the two of them ‘Young Youngies’ (Joy’s real name is Park Soo Young!) Hayoung even sent out a super sweet tweet when Yerin was making her debut! We’d like to order a friendship like theirs, please.


Highlight’s Gikwang and Yoseob

Having been together for years, Gi Kwang and Yo Seob are definitely bff goals. From being friends at Ahyeon Industrial Information School, to training under JYP Entertainment and then again at Cube Entertainment, these two have come a long way. Since they have already completed their mandatory military service, they’re back making waves through the industry with their performances in Highlight. Another major thing that gives us goals is when Yoseob used his first military leave to attend his best friend and co-member Gikwang’s solo concert! 


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Which friend group is your favourite? Or do you know any more members who were friends in school? Let us know in the comments below!

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