BTS: Jimin's father wanted Mochi to pursue THIS before he became a singer; Gives ChimChim a humble advice

BTS member Jimin's father recently gave an interview for the singer's alma mater Busan Arts High School's magazine. During the chat, he revealed his initial hopes for the BTS star and a message to the singer.
BTS: Jimin's father wanted Mochi to pursue THIS before he became a singer; Gives ChimChim a humble advice
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BTS singer Jimin is among the most popular South Korean artists in the world. The singer has left fans weak on their knees with his incredible dance skills and soothing vocals. However, the singer's father recently revealed that he thought Jimin might enter the science stream. The singer's father made the confession during his chat with Busan High School of Art for their magazine, where Mochi studied contemporary dance. As reported by Koreaboo, Jimin's father revealed he accepted the Filter singer's dream after the latter described his future. 

"Let me first explain how he was accepted to the Busan Arts High School. In middle school, there was a time where he had to write about his future. In his paper, he wrote that he wanted to go to Busan Arts High School and learn to dance and use that background and combine it with music to become a singer or a celebrity. His paper was very detailed and I think this was the start of his dream to become an idol," he recalled.

The father admitted Jimin was a good dancer and singer from a young age. "In fifth grade, he would sing Maya’s “Azalea” at karaoke and he was able to sing the high notes very well," he added. ChimChim's dad admitted that he wanted to see his son attend the science high school for Jimin was good at math and science. "But that didn’t mean that I was against his wishes. Because his paper about his future was so perfect (laughs) I couldn’t oppose it and decided to respect his decision," he said. 

Asked if he has a message for his son, Jimin's father offered him a piece of advice. He asked the BTS member to know how to look back. "You have to know how to look back. That is how you can go forward," he said. He added that he and Jimin talk a lot. "Through phone and texts, we constantly tell each other we love each other, and we also express it in person too," he added. 

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