BTS' Jin and Suga look ethereal in all white outfits in the second concept photos for Butter

Yoonjin enchant ARMY with their pristine visuals and charisma in the new concept photos for Butter. Check the photos below.
BTS release new concept photos with Jin and Suga BTS release new concept photos with Jin and Suga (Pic Credit - HYBE)
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The countdown has begun for the highly-anticipated release of Butter, BTS' second English song after the release of the pop-disco track, Dynamite. ARMY are eagerly awaiting the release of Butter, and BTS members are leaving no stone unturned in making sure that ARMY are left enthraled with every teaser and concept photo of Butter.

Keeping up with the tradition that was followed for the teaser videos, BTS released ethereal concept photos of Jin and Suga as part of the solo concept photos for Butter. Jin and Suga are both dressed in a pristine, all-white ensemble and looking beautiful and serene. Jin's 'Worldwide Handsome' visuals shine brightly, as he leans against the wall, his hair pushed back, making him look like a handsome Chaebol of a company. On the other hand, Suga looks adorable as he leans forward cutely in his concept photo, making him look all the more likeable!

You can check out Suga and Jin's concept photos below:

BTS are all set to premiere Butter for the first time on television at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards! BTS members will take centre-stage as performers for the fourth year now. BTS is currently in the running for four different awards at the upcoming ceremony, marking the most nominations they’ve ever received in a single year for a Billboard Music Awards show. BTS is nominated for Top Duo/Group, Top Social Artist, Top Song Sales Artist, and Top Selling Song (Dynamite). BTS will release Butter on May 21 at 9:30 am IST and will take centre-stage at Billboard Music Awards on May 23 at 8 pm ET. 

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Credits :HYBE