BTS Jin: From fanboy's hug to ARMY mom ditching daughter; check out top 4 heartwarming and fun moments at FESTA 2024 event

BTS’ Jin had fun with ARMYs celebrating BTS’ 11th debut anniversary, also known as FESTA, a compilation of events that last two weeks for fans. Check out some of the sweet and fun moments.

Updated on Jun 13, 2024  |  07:38 PM IST |  98.4K
Jin, (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)
Jin, (Image Credits- BIGHIT MUSIC)

On June 13, 2024, BTS' Jin made a heartfelt return to greet fans in person for the first time since his military discharge. As part of the 2024 FESTA celebrations, Jin hosted a special hug event titled Jin’s Greetings. 

The charming idol sported a cardboard poster around his neck featuring the words hug me and an illustration of himself. Fans eagerly stepped onto the stage one by one to hug him, resulting in heartwarming and joyous moments for all involved. Let’s look at a few that stood out.

BTS’ Jin hugging a fanboy

BTS' Jin caught attention for his response to a fanboy's hug at the event, highlighting BTS' inclusive fandom. Despite the rarity of a male ARMY among the thousand attendees, netizens melted at the heartwarming interaction.

When Jin spotted the fanboy approaching, he ensured the fan felt welcomed, flashing a broad and playful smile. As he embraced the ARMY, Jin patted him on the back several times, showing no difference from the rest of the crowd. The cheers from the audience during the hug underscored the warmth and acceptance within the BTS fandom. Fans melted on the spot seeing this fun and cute interaction.

Mom betraying her daughter for Jin

While Jin enjoyed the event immensely, he felt a tinge of sadness for not being able to hug more fans. He expressed a desire to organize similar gatherings in the future. However, one ARMY had an unexpected experience: they watched their own mother hug Jin on screen while they were at home. Amazed by the coincidence, they humorously cautioned fellow ARMYs against converting family members into fans, sharing their disbelief at witnessing their mom participating in the event.


Despite numerous attempts to reach their mom, she didn't pick up the phone. When she finally responded, the ARMY couldn't believe her message. Instead of discussing the unexpected sighting, her mom hilariously instructed her to focus on studying. Promising to call back later, she left her child in disbelief at the humorous response.

BTS’ Jin being heartwarmingly respectful

Ahead of the event, Jin received praise for his inclusive approach to organizing it. He ensured attendees uncomfortable with hugs for personal or religious reasons could opt for a handshake instead. 

This thoughtful gesture was evident during the event when one fan chose to shake hands with Jin. Despite the different forms of interaction, the fan received equal attention and time from the idol, highlighting Jin's commitment to making all fans feel valued and respected at the venue.

The fan's heartfelt experience with Jin touched the hearts of ARMYs everywhere. As the video circulated online, ARMYs applauded Jin's respectfulness and the event's inclusivity, noting how it allowed fans to interact with him in a manner they felt comfortable with. 


This isn't the first instance of BTS earning praise for their consideration towards Muslim fans, showcasing their genuine love for all ARMYs and their commitment to ensuring everyone feels welcomed and at ease while still being able to engage with them.

Jin’s iconic first flying kiss post-military

Jin delighted fans with his iconic flying hand kiss, marking his first such gesture since his military service. Known for his love of blowing kisses to fans, Jin has earned the endearing nickname Flying Kiss Guy among ARMYs. Witnessing this cherished moment for the first time since his return left fans emotional, ecstatic, and swooning with joy.

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