BTS’ Jin getting all clingy to EXO’s Xiumin being extra talkative: 5 KPop idols with strange drunken habits

A person has two sides - a sober side and a drunk side. Get to know your favourite idols’ strange drunk sides here!
KPop idols BTS' Jin and EXO's Xiumin clicked by the media. BTS' Jin and EXO's Xiumin clicked by the media. (Pic Credits: News1)
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Alcohol serves as a great bridge to help people bond, and definitely brings out different behaviours. Some people get sad, angry, sleepy, and hilariously silly. As varied as the effects might be, we can’t deny that we love to watch drunk people act erratically and cause chaos! And what better to find out, then the unguarded moments of few of our most beloved idols? 


It’s still not common in the K-Pop industry to drink alcohol publicly or on their live shows. Majorly because the majority of the fandom is usually underage teenage fans. But, they can advertise for it if they want to. The agencies might want to have the idols' image as pristine as possible, but fans also know that to drink, is to be human. Moreover, South Korea has a huge drinking culture that is often celebrated. Through the various K-Dramas one has watched, one would know that it's perfectly okay and respectable, to drink with the elders (and even with colleagues!). So today, we’re going to talk about some strange drunk habits that particular K-Pop idols have!


EXO’S Xiumin


Xiumin gets spoken to a lot about his drunk persona. Apparently, he gets extremely talkative and starts repeating his words over and over again. And yet, it's known that he gets very emotional and deep when he’s drunk. Well, who doesn’t love a sensitive and cool Idol?


SHINee’s Onew


Onew gets weirdly focused about a lot of things, after getting a couple of drinks inside him. With shenanigans running the gamut of silliness, one time he made the members cringe and laugh, at the same time. In that particular incident, Onew peeled an entire crate of oranges, even though the members couldn’t power through it! Well, at least there was a good supply of orange juice for his hangover.   


BTS’ Jin


Part of probably the most popular band in the world right now, Jin has the talent, drive, and amazing personality to be where he is right now. And among those, comes his ability of making dad jokes, and being exceptionally adorable, even when drunk. Jin has been known to get very talkative and get quite touchy-feely with the other members. Clinging to them, hugging them, and whatnot, that habit’s more cute than strange!


SEVENTEEN’s DK and Seungkwan


Acting just like real brothers, these two have their backs for anything and everything. Their friendship, banter, and the relationship that they share, is good enough to make anyone jealous. Just the same way, when they get drunk, they get fully passive-aggressive and highly competitive. More often than not about who is the better drinker! Kudos. 


Block B’s Zico


Alcohol brings out the inner animal present inside a person, and sometimes that is reflected through the weird things that people eat. Sometimes weird things taste amazingly good, and this is shown on Zico. Among other strange things he’s eaten over the years, at one point of time, he ate a cookie wrapped in seaweed when he was drunk! 


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Which one did you find the most funny? Let us know in the comments below!