BTS’ Jin, NCT 127’s Taeyong & more: Meet 5 KPop idols who amaze us with their incredible cooking skills!

Being a trainee at a young age and living in dorms makes some of the members of a K-pop group turn into amazing chefs. Take a look at them here.
BTS member Kim Seokjin making a mushroof beef dish in his dorm in 2014;clicked by member Jimin BTS' Kim Seokjin cooking in dorm in 2014.
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When on stage, singing and dancing their heart away, K-Pop stars always bowl us over with their incredible talent. It’s also not a secret that many of these idols leave their homes to embark on a journey filled with hardships, solely for their passion for music. They train for years at end, live with fellow group members at dorms - sometimes sharing a room, sometimes having the whole room to themselves. 


But it’s not like if they’re living alone, that they are given the services of having delivery every single day. Some of them also cook for their fellow members. Through trials and errors, they then turn out to be the best cooks from the group! And those members become the one chef that the whole group can rely on to whisk up delicious food and never let them go hungry! Also the fact that these idols make time for cooking in between their incredibly hectic schedules is commendable on a whole other level. 


So today, we’re looking at five K-Pop idols who wowed us with their skills in not just singing, dancing or rapping, but also in cooking!


BTS’ Jin


Thanks to Run BTS and In The Soop, ARMYs had the chance to see Seokjin cooking live. He has always been a fan of food and has loved cooking since his debut. He has even learnt to cook his favourite dishes all by himself. In a group of seven very hungry people, Jin always makes sure he keeps them well fed with his skills! Who remembers the Achasan Mountain punishment when he woke up to prepare lunch for RM and V? 



BTS’ Suga


The only other member in the group who loves cooking and does so on a regular basis is the rapper, SUGA. He’s the second oldest in the group and is known to have a caring personality. In their variety show, In The Soop, we were blessed with many scenes where we saw him team up with Jin and cook! 



NCT 127’s Taeyong


Known for his almost restaurant-style plating, Taeyong has incredible taste and talent when it comes to cooking. From a whole stuffed chicken to lobster to abalone - there really isn’t anything that he can’t cook. On top of that, he loves experimenting with new things and learning new skills! 





Did you know D.O was even appointed as a military cook in the army? He was! During his enlistment, he was assigned the cooking duty which made fans believe that his skills would’ve definitely shone through even there! His love for cooking runs deep and he even once said that if not an idol, he definitely would’ve been a chef. We don’t doubt that!





The resident chef of his group, Mingyu is impeccable when it comes to cooking! He has a talent of mixing and matching ingredients and spices to create a dish that looks wholly mouth-watering from every angle! 



Watching these idols cook makes us think maybe we should try a hand at cooking too. What about you?


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Stay tuned for the female version of ‘Idols who can cook’ too! 

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