BTS Jungkook’s pouty face now on a supermarket booklet as they restock a sold out product

On May 5, an ARMY found the golden maknae’s VLive screenshot on a leaflet talking about the sold out product’s demand! Read on to know more.
BTS' Jungkook looking stunning in a blue velvet suit during a Dynamite music performance BTS' Jungkook at a music award performance. (Pic Credits: News1)
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BTS’ golden maknae Jungkook is named after a lot of things. One of them is the ‘Sold Out King’. Whenever the youngest talks about any product that he uses, the next day, that product gets sold out. From a fabric softener, a lip balm to Prada stompers and shorts, Jungkook has a Midas touch to everything he even remotely uses or wears.


One of the sold out moments occurred recently when Jungkook did a VLive in February with his blue hair and talked about his favourite tea flavor being Kombucha’s Lemon Flavor. Fans soon found out it was a brand called TEAZEN’s lemon kombucha. In no time, the sales skyrocketed and it got sold out. 


Today, a fan called Lex (@proudk0ya) in Hong Kong noticed a huge new section of TEAZEN and curiously asked a staff member why they opened a new section, and they replied with “a sudden extreme demand due to a kpop star”. She then asked the staff member who it was, and they showed her a pamphlet that had Jungkook’s VLive screenshot!


It said “The product has been sold out for very long! Korea’s super famous godly group loves it”. It even explained the screenshot in detail mentioning, “March 7th on VLive, Jungkook was pouting and asking why ARMYs move so fast and sold out his favourite kombucha.” Check out the tweet by the fan below! 



‘Kombucha’ is a type of fermented tea that is known to be a good source of probiotics antioxidants. Jungkook had said on his VLive that he drank two in a day and many ARMYs, even though disliked it, said they’ll buy it again just for him! 


Truly a Sold Out King! 


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What are your thoughts on Jungkook accidentally selling out products? Let us know in the comments below! 

Anonymous 2 months ago

His smile would explode the hearts of army

Anonymous 2 months ago

It's only fair that the Golden Maknae should have a Golden touch....

Anonymous 2 months ago

JK IS A BRAND HIMSELF. He looks so cute when he pouts. Awww my heartuu

Anonymous 2 months ago

Jungkook has a talent for everything he is truly the Golden Maknae in everything he do

Anonymous 2 months ago

who can deny this charming face .its obvious that he becomes most demanded face