BTS' Jungkook takes fans across city on paper plane in quirky lyrical video for FESTA 2024 song Never Let Go; WATCH

BTS' Jungkook delights fans with a whimsical journey across the city in the lyrical video for Never Let Go, released for FESTA 2024, marking their 11th debut anniversary.

Updated on Jun 12, 2024  |  04:21 PM IST |  150.8K
BTS' Jungkook; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
BTS' Jungkook; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
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  • BTS' Jungkook reveals lyrical video for Never Let Go
  • All about BTS' ongoing FESTA 2024 celebrations

BTS' Jungkook surprised fans with the release of Never Let Go on June 7, commemorating the group's 11th debut anniversary. Now, in the quirky lyrical video, Jungkook takes ARMYs on a whimsical journey across the city aboard a paper plane.

BTS’ Jungkook’s Never Let Go lyrical video out

On June 12, BTS' Jungkook gifted fans with a whimsical journey through his latest creation, Never Let Go, via a quirky lyrical video released as part of FESTA 2024. Taking ARMYs on a unique adventure, the video follows a paper plane soaring across cityscapes, symbolizing the boundless imagination and unity shared between BTS and their fans.

Never Let Go was unveiled on June 7, commemorating BTS' 11th debut anniversary. Jungkook's solo release was met with swift adoration from ARMYs worldwide, who eagerly embraced the heartfelt fan song. With his captivating vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Jungkook once again showcased his artistry, leaving fans enchanted and grateful for the emotional connection he consistently fosters through his music.

Watch Jungkook’s Never Let Go video here;

More details about BTS’ FESTA 2024 celebrations

BTS' FESTA 2024 celebrations have ignited a wave of excitement and nostalgia among fans worldwide. Kicking off with the unveiling of the official poster on June 2, the group's 11th debut anniversary festivities set a vibrant tone for the commemoration ahead. Jungkook's heartfelt fan song, Never Let Go, released on June 7, served as a poignant tribute to BTS' remarkable journey and their enduring bond with ARMYs.

The recent BANG BANG CON live stream, showcasing BTS' iconic concerts, left fans exhilarated, setting the stage for Jin's upcoming special 'hug' event on June 13. This eagerly anticipated occasion promises to be a heartfelt moment of reunion between Jin and ARMYs, further deepening the sense of unity within the fandom, just after a day since his discharge from the military.


Adding to the excitement, BTS' iconic phrase APOBANGPO, symbolizing the everlasting bond between BTS and ARMYs, has adorned the HYBE building since June 11.

As the celebrations continue to unfold, fans eagerly anticipate the exclusive Weverse LIVE stream scheduled for June 13, featuring a special message from Jin. With each event, BTS and ARMYs come together to celebrate their extraordinary journey and the unwavering support that defines their relationship.

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