BTS' label HYBE sues individuals for leaking and trading artists' flight information, invading personal space, more

HYBE has taken legal action against individuals who illegally purchase flight information of their artists. Following thorough investigations, the case has been forwarded to the prosecution.

Updated on Jun 18, 2024  |  04:55 PM IST |  107.2K
BTS; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
BTS; Image Courtesy: BIGHIT MUSIC
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  • BTS' label HYBE issues statement on action against those trading artists' flight information
  • A catch-up on BTS' recent engagements

HYBE, the entertainment label behind BTS, has taken legal action against individuals who illegally obtained and traded flight information of their artists. This proactive measure follows a series of incidents threatening artist safety and privacy, leading to police involvement and ongoing investigations into unlawful activities.

HYBE seeks prosecution against those breaching artists’ privacy

On June 18, HYBE, the management label of global sensation BTS, announced decisive legal action against individuals involved in illegally obtaining and trading flight information of their artists. The agency revealed that they had filed complaints with law enforcement after months of cooperation with investigative authorities, culminating in the case being forwarded to prosecution.

In a comprehensive English statement, HYBE condemned the unlawful practice of selling and purchasing flight details, emphasizing its severe implications on artists' safety and privacy. The statement highlighted disturbing trends such as unauthorized seat changes, cancellations of flight reservations, and even stalking behaviors facilitated by leaked information.

HYBE detailed their proactive measures, including the formation of a dedicated task force last September to combat the illegal trade of flight data. They meticulously identified and gathered evidence against social media accounts engaged in such activities, leading to complaints under the Personal Information Protection Act and other regulations. Subsequent investigations, both domestic and international, identified suspects profiting significantly from these illicit activities.


Moving forward, HYBE pledged continued cooperation with law enforcement for thorough investigations and stringent judicial proceedings. They reaffirmed a zero-tolerance stance against crimes exploiting artists' personal information, vowing not to engage in settlements or compromises.

Furthermore, HYBE outlined plans to enhance privacy protection measures in collaboration with airlines and travel agencies. They assured fans and stakeholders of their commitment to safeguarding artists' privacy and maintaining a secure environment, underscoring the gravity of the issue beyond mere privacy violations.

More details about BTS’ latest activities

On June 12, BTS celebrated Jin's return from military service with joyous fanfare, reuniting all members for a special occasion. RM delighted fans by showcasing his musical talents with a saxophone rendition of BTS' hit Dynamite.

Jin continued the septet’s anniversary celebrations with FESTA 2024, featuring heartfelt moments including a free hug event, while other members diligently fulfill their military duties, eagerly anticipating their eventual reunion in June 2025.


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