From BTS leader RM & EXO’s Kai; Here are 5 idols who are setting new standards for off duty fashion

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From BTS leader RM & EXO’s Kai; Here are 5 idols who are setting new standards for off duty fashion

The Korean entertainment industry is setting trends all around, be it in music, skincare, food or even fashion. While there’s a lot more to it, we love how some Korean pop stars express themselves through their style and use fashion as a tool to reveal their identity. Be it on stage rock, red carpet glam or off duty swag, Korean pop stars like BTS’ RM, all BLACKPINK members, Joy, Kai and many more have redefined style for their global watchers. In honour of their phenomenal style, we’re looking back at the top 5 pop icons whose style has us envying their closets.


BTS’ RM: One of the dreamiest style icons from one of THE MOST talented groups in the world, the South Korean bands leader is a style star on the rise. Whether it’s experimenting with his hair, switching between James Bon-esque or street-chic style, the Septet member isn’t afraid to experiment, and it certainly pays off. 


EXO’s Kai: Subtle luxury is the impression Kai leaves with his classy style. Pulling off high-end luxury wear with simple cuts and everyday basics isn’t a cakewalk but it certainly gets our stamp of approval. One of the most stylish idols of all time, Kai exudes a rich-boy vibe that is wanted by many yet accomplished by only some fashion watchers. 


Red Velvet’s Joy: Joy achieved the perfect point where sweet, sexy, and chic meet, all while looking effortless. She’s always down to play a little and try new things, especially when talking urban and cute styles.


BLACKPINK’s Jennie: After a scroll through her Instagram, the singer’s love for fashion is not hard to guess. Jennie is one of the few pop icons who can and does pull off all styles from urban, relaxed and fancy, luxurious ones. A global ambassador for Chanel, Jennie has found her own way to combine streetwear with haute couture.


Sunmi: Sunmi loves to mix a feminine style with normcore accents and of course, some luxury accessories and details in order to stand out.


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