BTS member Jimin plays with dogs & J Hope shows off his sleek dance moves, via twin new BE Log

Updated on Mar 09, 2021 05:53 PM IST  |  497.3K
Jimin's BE Log included Telepathy and J-Hope's included Disease.
BTS member Jimin plays with dogs & J Hope shows off his sleek dance moves, via twin new BE Log

A different kind of sadness hits you when you realise that the BE Log series is officially over! The mini-vlogs that featured BTS members enjoying their daily activities to a different song from their healing album BE, were a fun treat for ARMY to watch. We have finally reached the end of the BE log series, with Bangtan's star dancers, Jimin and J-Hope. 

Jimin's BE Log starts with an adorable greeting to ARMY titled, 'Hello ARMY'. We see a pink and purple candy-like background with Jimin cutely posing for the camera. Next, we see a funny video of Jimin running around at the Golden Disc Awards and showing his dorky side. Even in all of this, he doesn't forget his beloved fandom, ARMY and enquires about their well-being. Jimin's shenanigans are in perfect sync with Telepathy's peppy and upbeat tunes. That's not all, we get to see Jimin's fashionista side, as he dons various stylish outfits, looking stunning in each one of them. Further, we see him cuddle with some fluffy dogs, showing his deep, compassionate sight. Jimin ends the video, showing a sweet 'V' sign to ARMY. 


You can watch Jimin's adorable BE Log here:

Hobi's video starts with him dancing to old-school style, hip-hop track Disease. We also get to see glimpses of BTS' dance practice for ON. Next, we see J-Hope show off his sleek dance moves as he poses handsomely for a photoshoot. He captions the video, 'Your Hobi', showing his lovely studio in the background. Namjoon makes a short and sweet cameo, delighting viewers. Finally, Hobi runs us through a brief process of creating Disease, a song J-Hope has personally worked on. Throughout the video we see, J-Hope in sync with the pulsating track Disease. The video ends with J-Hope swirling in his chair and saying goodbye!


You can watch J-Hope's fun BE Log here:

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