BTS: MMA refuses to exempt group from military training; Deferred enlistment still open for discussion

After there were talks that BTS could likely be exempted from the compulsory military training, Military Manpower Administration refused to give the septet an exception.
MMA refuses to exempt BTS from military trainingBTS: MMA refuses to exempt group from military training; Deferred enlistment still open for discussion
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Over the past few months, there were hopes that BTS members would receive a delay in enlistment or the group could possibly enlist altogether owing to their recent achievements. However, there is some bad news for the BTS ARMY. The Korea Times has now reported that the Military Manpower Administration stated that it does not support the calls raised by a few ruling party lawmakers for the exemption of mandatory training for BTS. The report stated that the MMA cited principles of justice and equality as reasons.

In a written statement to questions by Rep. Yun Ju-keyng of the main opposition People Power Party, the MMA said, "At a meeting of relevant organizations last Nov. 21, we decided not to include pop singers as eligible for exemption, as it is not in line with the government's basic stance to improve fairness and equality in the implementation of mandatory military service, and the decision has not been changed." 

This was the first time that the administration shared their stand on the matter. While the exemption hasn't received support, they are open to discussing deferrals for the K-pop idols. "As to the deferral of enlistment for pop stars, a revision bill to the Military Service Act is pending at the National Assembly, so we'll review it with relevant ministries," they said. This comes weeks after it was reported that the talks to amend the military service act. 

As per the current bill, except for students who are attending school for higher education and outstanding athletes, Korean men are expected to enlist by the age of 28. The proposed amendment could bring K-pop idols under the exemption umbrella and delay their enlistment until the age of 30. Read the whole report here: Could BTS' mandatory military enlistment be delayed? Military service act revision for K Pop stars in talks

If the deferred enlistment comes through, Jin could stand a chance to delay his enlistment for another two years before he dons the uniform. If not, he will have to enlist soon for he turns 28 this December. 

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Anonymous 1 month ago

Can you hear my heart breaking

Anonymous 1 month ago

Can you hear mine shattering?

Anonymous 2 months ago

Logically speaking, doesn't it make far more sense for South Korea to utilize BTS as international ambassadors or something similar while also ensuring they can still carry on with their careers? I mean, almost $1.5 BILLION dollars from Dynamite into the South Korean economy. Has any other South Korean person or group every contributed to the economy to that extent? The money the government makes from keeping BTS active in their careers would contribute FAR more financially in military equipment and technology advancements than 7 more soldiers could. Also, BTS is so famous and popular that they are never going to be able to serve normally. Fans WILL stalk them, disrupt any place they are sent to serve. It will cost so much money and effort to keep them safe in addition to all the money the country loses with them inactive. It's really in the best interest of South Korea and the military to have them serve in an alternative way.

Anonymous 2 months ago

I am 100% in agreement with u. BTS has been contributing so much to Korean economy no band has ever done before. They are already serving the country in a way so the government should make some changes and exceptions.

Anonymous 2 months ago

This is true, I feel they are backlashing them because of RM comment. His comment was not derogatory. He did not mention anyone in a bad way. Yes security would cost more to have them serve in this way. I know some feel they shouldn't be exempt because they served but these young men has accomplished so much for Seoul. Please find a different alternative for them.

Anonymous 2 months ago

Noooooooo! :'(

Anonymous 2 months ago



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