BTS Muster SOWOOZOO: 10 unforgettable things that made Day 1 extra special for ARMY

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BTS members clicking a photo after Muster SOWOOZOO.

BTS kicked off their debut anniversary showcase called Muster SOWOOZOO today on June 13 with an extravagant set and unparalleled power. The group and their agency, BIGHIT MUSIC had been vocal about making this year’s Muster special and offer an outdoor, real-life experience to fans as Muster was returning after two years. Muster is a two-day festival celebrating BTS’ debut anniversary, which today completes eight years. 


ARMY trended small gifts for the global septet such as Letters to Bangtan and more, to show their appreciation and love for all that BTS has given them - from courage to inspiration and motivation. Muster SOWOOZOO took place today at 3 PM IST and since then, Twitter is flooded with trends and tweets of various names and phrases as ARMY find it difficult to get over the unforgettable memories that BTS gave them today. 


Check out our list of 10 unforgettable and BTS history-worthy memories for Muster SOWOOZOO Day 1: 


The incredible setlist: 


The stunning stage: 



Eyebrow piercing, tattoo sleeve, short hair: Basically everything about Jungkook


The OT7 DAECHWITA being a cultural reset: 



The Taekook moment:



Moment millions of ARMYs are jealous of:


The iconic Yoongi moment: 


This crackhead moment: 



Jimin’s lip piercing: 


Blonde Yoongi: 



Outfits, hairstyles, comments, performances, lip piercings, shoulder exposure and much more have become a hot topic today and will definitely be the same tomorrow. The second day setlist is going to be different from the first day’s and ARMYs can’t wait for the second day to come already! 


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What was your favourite moment of Day 1 Muster SOWOOZOO? Share them with us in the comments below!


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