BTS' 'Permission To Dance' takes the top spot on IMI International Top 20 Singles for the week ending July 19

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BTS members pose for the concept photo of Permission To Dance (Pic credit - Big Hit Music)

Permission to dance indeed! In a proud moment for Indian ARMYs, BTS' free-spirited 'Wild-West' themed track, 'Permission To Dance' has topped the IMI International Top 20 Singles charts for the week ending on July 19! In a classic BTS vs BTS scenario, 'Permission To Dance' has dethroned BTS' smash-hit, 'Butter' which now takes the second spot! BTS' 'Dynamite' and 'Life Goes On' take the 7th and the 19th spot on the list.

For those unversed, IMI is the official abbreviation of the Indian Music Industry, home to India's International Music Charts! IMI is India's first official international singles chart, in simple terms, the Billboards equivalent of India! On June 21, aka 'World Music Day,' The Indian Music Industry, the organisation that represents the recorded music industry in India, released its first-ever International Top 20 Singles Chart India with BTS' Butter taking over the number one rank! The chart takes into account streams from Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music, which is compiled by global music technology leaders BMAT and is updated weekly on Mondays by sundown. The data collected and compiled by The Top 20 chart is reviewed by the IMI Charts committee composed of experts from record labels such as Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Times Music, and Warner Music Group. 

What does this mean for India? Having an official, home-grown music chart system, like the US, South Korea and Japan have is indeed a big win for Indian ARMYs, as it allows BTS and their management to keep track of how well BTS is faring in our country in terms of streaming. By launching the Top 20 Singles Chart, Indian fans get to have their own authentic chart that ranks artists by calculating fans’ preferences and validates our success in a big way! Not just that, it will create a solid base for BTS and the K-pop industry to reach greater heights and create a favourable and positive environment for talented K-pop artists to grow and thrive in India! 

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Anonymous : IMI International Top 20 Singles is the one one the best thing ever happened to Indian K-Pop fans although if we also have K-Pop specific chart, it would have been nice. Since there are many fandom apart from BTS ARMY but due to less in number, it is hard to feature among Top 20 chart.
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