BTS prepare Room Live as a pre Festa gift for ARMY; Perform to Pied Piper, Save Me & more b side tracks

The stage is set for the 2021 Festa celebrations! Read on to find out.
BTS members pose for Muster concept photo BTS members pose for Muster concept photo (Pc credit - HYBE)
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June is the best month of the year and even though we can give you 13430 reasons to justify that, for now, only one reason is enough - BTS 2021 Festa! For the unversed, Festa means BTS' debut anniversary celebrations, where members eat delicious food, play games and host a special broadcast to interact with ARMY. This year is BTS 2021 Festa celebrations are special for another reason as well, it is BTS' 8th debut anniversary!

The pandemic still looms large over our heads but BTS hasn't allowed Covid 19 to dampen our spirits in any way. The name of this year’s muster is ‘SOWOOZOO’, which is also the Korean name of their track called ‘Mikrokosmos’, which ended up being a comforting song for ARMYs. Before the Muster celebrations, BTS hosted a special performance broadcast titled BTS ROOM LIVE! A pre-Festa gift for fans, BTS performed some to a medley of their legendary b-side tracks. Starting with I Like It, a song from their debut album, 2 Cool 4 Skool and Look Here from Dark & Wild.

Next, we had the iconic Save Me and Outro: Wings, two songs that changed the course of things for BTS forever, cementing their position in the industry. Fans were surprised to find V working out his left arm during Outro: Wings performance and of course, Hopekook's legendary harmonising was a treat to our ears! ARMY's favourite Pied Piper was performed next and since both, BTS and ARMY flunked the BTS exam, we can now shave each other's eyebrows off as a punishment! Rap line's latest collaboration Ugh was performed next and it was fun to see Jin Hyung diffusing the 'tension' between the rap line members! The final performance for the night was Telepathy, a perfect way to end the mini-performance broadcast.

You can watch BTS ROOM LIVE below:

Meanwhile, we have some solid predictions for the 2021 Festa celebrations. Suga will be debuting his fire-spitting, banger Daechwita for ARMY. We might get a live rendition of Heartbeat, the title track of BTS World OST. BTS is going all out with their stage set to match the song’s space theme! Korean ARMY have witnessed the colourful decorations at the  Seoul Olympic Stadium and if it is anything to go by, BTS 2021 Festa celebration is going to go down in history. Day 1 of Muster SOWOOZO begins at 6:30 PM KST (3 PM IST) on June 13. Day 2, the World Tour Version, begins at 6:30 PM KST (3 PM IST) on June 14.

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Credits :HYBE