BTS react as ‘Permission to Dance’ tops Billboard Hot 100 Charts taking the baton from ‘Butter’

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BTS: Courtesy News1, Big Hit Music

The global sensation BTS joined the celebration as their latest single ‘Permission to Dance’ topped the Billboard Hot100 charts after ‘Butter’ held the position ever since its release. The boys, being the humble kings that they are, interacted with ARMYs via Weverse, the fan communication app, and thanked the fandom for all the support. It was a moment of exhilaration for the group and their fans alike.


The leader, RM expressed his bittersweet emotions on the win by emphasising on how he wished to celebrate this moment together with the fandom, but couldn't because of the pandemic. Nevertheless, he didn’t forget to mention how honoured and delighted he was to be in that moment.

Suga encouraged fans to get up and dance by saying “ Let me dance!! Let’s have fun dancing today! Thank you ARMY!”. It surely was a moment of extreme joy as Suga wished to dance and not sleep in the middle of the night!


Jimin elevated to another level as he uploaded a picture of himself bowing down, thanking the fandom for all the love and support and requesting them to stay happy.

Jin won everyone’s heart once again as he promised the fans that he’ll work harder and live his life to the fullest and thanked the fandom for their support as he said “I would like to picture myself bowing to you guys”.


While all the members expressed love in their own unique ways, J-Hope decided to reward the fandom with his ever-so-comforting smile and posted selfies of himself, being the sunshine that he is.


The boys, together with the ARMY have continued to break and make records with their lively new single and we can’t wait to see what’s more to come!

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