BTS’ RM apologized to Jungkook and it’s for the funniest reason ever

Published on Jan 13, 2022 09:36 AM IST  |  589.8K
BTS' RM at the 'Butter' press conference : courtesy of News1

RM is a smart man! The world has been in awe of the man that BTS’ youngest, Jungkook has become and it seems like the members of the group are not far behind with their awestruck moments now being displayed in public for all of us to agree on. On January 11, Jungkook shared a second video in his boxing series and captioned it ‘It’s difficult’.

This soon prompted the fans to marvel at the bulging arms and the tattoo sleeve at his sides, of which one could only catch glimpses. Celebrity personal trainer Tommy could be seen accompanying Jungkook and the result of the BTS member’s tough training was very evident.

Soon, BTS member V complimented Jungkook on his skills and received a thank you in reply. J-Hope imitated the sound of the gloves hitting the punch mitts and made him crack up. However, it was leader RM’s reaction that made everyone burst out in laughter. RM commented with, “Jungkook-ah, firstly I made a mistake” which is another way of saying you’re sorry. The youngest member was confused by the sudden apology and giggled in response.

Check out the funny interactions below.

It seems as though RM has gauged the power of BTS’ muscle man and decided to concede beforehand in hopes to never get caught in the storm that might unleash should Jungkook decide to take advantage of his strength. However, one might disagree as the leader himself can be seen with his own set of guns that he often seems to hone in the gym.

Can we hope for a Jungkook versus RM boxing match?

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1 day ago
no... on the JK vs. RM boxing match, that is a fat 'NO!'