BTS’ RM faces ‘the worst day outta this year’; ARMY comes to his rescue

Updated on Nov 12, 2021 07:32 PM IST  |  245.7K
RM at the 'BE' press conference
RM at the 'BE' press conference: courtesy of News1

Powerhouse BTS may be the world’s biggest group currently, with millions of people scrambling to follow them at the drop of a hat, but the members are riddled with very relatable problems just like us. Leader RM came to the fan community platform Weverse on November 11 and shared a piece of heartbreaking news for himself and fans who await new music from the talented singer-songwriter. 

Through the Moment feature on the app, RM revealed that he had lost a year’s worth of files while cleaning his PC. He was going through a mental breakdown as only the audio file remained. RM called it “the worst day outta this year” and hence decided to log it.

In the following message, RM updated the fans who were worried for him that the files in concern were only for one song while the rest were saved. More than 60 additions to his work were cleaned out. However, he promised to do well and have the world listen to the track someday. Lastly, RM advised the fans to use PC cleaning tools carefully and we couldn’t agree more.

Soon, the Weverse feed page was filled with ARMY posting comforting messages. But what stood out the most to us was their effort to help RM as the fans found multiple ways to bring back deleted files and shared them on the platform.

Just yesterday we reported that RM had added 4 credits to his name on the KOMCA lists for most-credited artists, fortifying his second place. He now stands just behind VIXX’s Ravi’s 200 points with 180 of his own, tying with Psy for the spot. Losing a year’s hard work is tough for anyone but especially RM who has continued to use his songwriting skills in an applaud worthy manner.

We hope RM manages to retrieve the files or at least be able to produce the song once again!

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