BTS: 'This room is always ARMY's room at 6:13', says Jimin; V adds a personal touch to ARMY's special room

BTS' Jimin and V are the fourth and the fifth members respectively to curate a special room for ARMY ahead of BE: Essential Edition's release.
BTS: 'This room is always ARMY's room at 6:13', says Jimin; V adds a personal touch to ARMY's special room
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The excitement for BE: Essential Edition's release is increasing day by day, all thanks to the unique and personalised promotions BTS members are gifting ARMY, ahead of the release of BE: Essential Edition on February 19, 2021. So far Suga, RM and Jungkook curated ARMY's special room, now it was Jimin and Taehyung's turn to add some amazing elements to ARMY's special room.

Jimin added two elements: A table and a wall-clock. A little round table is placed in the middle of the room. A table is a must-have essential piece of furniture for everyone. It is a small table with enough leg-room for ARMY to sit freely and enjoy their regular activities with ease. The table is meant to provide comfort and relaxation, like a constant companion to ARMY. Jimin also added a wall-clock to ARMY's room. The time on the wall clock reads '6:13', a subtle nod to BTS' debut date, that June 13., 2013. 'The time is always 6:13 on this clock. This room is always ARMY's room at 6:13,' Jimin explained, adding that the ticking of the clock is meant to provide comfort to ARMY and also remind us that no matter where we go BTS is always there for us.

Taehyung added two elements too: a record player and a vase. ARMY already knows Taehyung's love for vintage things and a record player acts as the perfect addition to ARMY's special room. BTS' music is healing and therapeutic and ARMY can enjoy listening to BTS' music on this record player. Taehyung also added a personalised touch to ARMY's room, something straight from his own house, i.e. a vase. He explained that the vase is a subtle addition to ARMY's room with no special adornments, but still catches one's attention. There are little flowers on the vase with branches growing haphazardly, but there is a sense of beauty in its state of disorder. He further explains that ARMY must do what their heart desires, just like how the branches grow in sporadic directions. With these special elements, V effectively conveyed that ARMY must stay true to their real selves, just be!

You can check out Jimin's room for ARMY below:

You can check out V's room for ARMY below:

Post the release of BE: Essential Edition, BTS' is all set to take centre-stage on MTV Unplugged. The superstar septet will be performing rare renditions from their illustrious discography. MTV Unplugged airs on February 24, 2021, at 7:30 AM IST. 

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Anonymous 1 week ago

i was crying when he said that

Anonymous 1 week ago

do you remember when Jimin said ARMYYYYYYYYYYYYYY I LOVE YOUUUUU

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

and i am a army

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Soo really

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

yea soo much