BTS’s Suga reported to have made a donation of 100 million KRW to a hospital in Daegu on his birthday

Published on Jun 28, 2021 01:26 PM IST  |  244.2K
BTS's Suga for Butter Concept Photo

BTS’s Suga has shown what it is like to be a humble and helping person while being a member of the world’s biggest boy band. Media outlets reported that they found a nameplate with “Suga (Min Yoongi)” written on it at the Keimyung University’s Dongsan Medical Center which is located in Daegu. The nameplate showed that Suga had donated 100 million KRW (around 65 lakhs INR) to the hospital for helping children who are diagnosed with cancer. The hospital confirmed this information and stated that Suga had made the donation on March 9 which is the day of his birthday. The intention behind this generous action was to help those children who are facing difficulties because of financial problems in families. The hospital said that Suga wishes for these children to be able to grow and heal in a healthy and optimistic environment. 


The hospital’s director was grateful and remarked that such kind gestures from BTS could be a good influence to society. The director expressed his admiration for the band saying that he was proud of them because they are representing the country on a global stage. He wishes for them to keep growing as artists and keep being loved by people. This donation must have been special for Suga since it was on his birthday and the hospital is in Daegu which is Suga’s hometown.


BTS is known to continuously perform good deeds like this. Recently, BTS’s J-Hope has also donated scholarships to a school in his hometown which has been helping several students fulfill their passions and dreams. BTS are truly benevolent idols!


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