BTS & SEVENTEEN collab coming soon? Fans hope for a legendary dance stage following J-Hope’s Insta post

Published on Dec 27, 2021 11:30 AM IST  |  861.2K
BTS' J-Hope & SEVENTEEN's Hoshi
BTS' J-Hope & SEVENTEEN's Hoshi : courtesy of News1

Carats and ARMYs assemble! The latest Instagram update from our resident sunshine boy J-Hope seems to have awakened 2 fandoms at once. On December 27, BTS member J-Hope shared some lovely snaps from his holiday celebrations. What came as a welcome surprise, however, was his caption on the post.

J-Hope shared his love for tigers in light of the upcoming year, 2022, being the Year of the Tiger by sharing a door accessory of the face of the animal. The superstar then took a couple of mirror selfies with it and added his adorable expressions to pictures. It was however the caption on the photo that caught everyone’s attention. J-Hope called it ‘HoRanghae’ with a tiger emoji to emphasize the point and multi-stans were quick to connect the dots.

Horanghae is a collective of horangi meaning tiger and saranghae meaning ‘I love you’ in Korean. The term can be linked back to SEVENTEEN’s member Hoshi who is often seen using it with his fans and has become almost synonymous with his name, so much so that fellow group members have made their own version of it to poke fun at Hoshi as well as treat it as a special thing between the group and its fans.

This has now made us and fellow fans of both the groups imagine a scenario where the dance leaders of two of the most famous Korean boy groups, J-Hope and Hoshi, collaborate for a dance performance. It could become the greatest stage of all times where the infectious energies of the boys would take over. The world is ready and so are we, J-Hope and Hoshi are you listening?

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