BTS' Spring Day to EXO's Monster: 10 Kpop songs to turn any non fan to a Kpop stan

Looking to expand your K-Pop friend group? Here are 10 songs you can show your non-Kpop friends to get them into the fandom!
BTS' Spring Day to EXO's Monster: 10 Kpop songs to turn any non fan to a Kpop stan
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K-Pop is taking over the world, but many may still not be completely in the know about this whole other world of music. While K-Pop does stand for Korean pop, the genres under that umbrella term are incredibly versatile. Right from rock to blues, K-Pop has it all. Often mistaken for a genre itself, K-Pop is only an overarching term used to house a large number of genres of music created predominantly in the Korean language. 

The groups mentioned below are some of our favourites to start off your K-Pop journey with. Including indie artists to established and Grammy-nominated ones, rock to hardcore hip-hop, you get a taste of everything K-Pop has to offer. While there are many more artists we'd love to include here, the list would truly be endless. With innumerable successful groups debuting every other day with hits after hits, some songs continue to be fan favourites no matter what. Holding a special place in the hearts of K-Pop fans, below are some songs that are definitely the best ones to introduce your friends to Kpop with!

Here are 10 Kpop songs to turn any non-fan to a Kpop stan:

10. DAY6 – Shoot Me

This rock band under JYP Entertainment has one of the most unique sounds within the K-Pop industry. Known for their powerful vocal line, which includes all the members, as well as their brilliant lyricism and wordplay, Day6 is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Looking to turn your friend to a K-Pop stan? Show them versatility with this alternative rock track and you’ll be guaranteed to have them hooked!

9. Red Velvet – Psycho

R&B with elements of trap and future bass, Red Velvet’s latest release Psycho is exceptionally catchy. Not only does it portray some of the group’s biggest strengths, it is also a perfect example of how K-Pop works with slightly darker themes despite the common misconception about K-Pop being only high energy bubbly music.

8. SEVENTEEN – Don’t Wanna Cry

The largest K-Pop group with a whopping 13 members, SEVENTEEN shows amazing synchronicity and coherence in their music as well as choreography. As a matter of fact, they’re one of the most perfectly synced groups in K-Pop. This song leans towards the emotional side of K-Pop while also being unbelievably catchy.

7. iKon – Love Scenario

Known popularly as the song that even kindergarteners know by heart in South Korea, Love Scenario is simply iconic. From the addictive rhythm to the poetic but simple lyrics, its popularity is more than justified.

6. DEAN – instagram

If you’re more into indie, go for dean. His song instagram still remains iconic even after 2 years of its release. He’s popular for his husky voice and has created a niche following for himself and his style of music that is difficult to surpass. This only proves that K-Pop encompasses all different genres of music with each one just as well perfected as the other.

5. Stray Kids – God’s Menu

Intensity, energy, high power choreography and incredible rap, this song has it all. Stray Kids can be considered as one of the leading groups of K-Pop’s 4th Generation of artists and God’s Menu is the perfect explanation as to why.

4. Epik High – Born Hater

One of the most legendary rap diss tracks in K-Pop, this song features some of the best rappers in the industry in collaboration with Epik High, one of the pioneers of K-Pop. Korean hip hop at its peak, this song is definitely one that can turn anyone into a stan.

3. EXO – Monster

A majority of K-Pop fans will admit that this song was the one that originally got them into K-Pop. Coming from one of the biggest K-Pop groups in the world, EXO, Monster is unrivalled in popularity as well as quality. The music video, on the other hand, is a visual treat as well.

2. BLACKPINK – Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du

Dominating world trends, breaking records and creating new ones, BLACKPINK is clearly at the top. The song that shot them to worldwide fame is still one of their most popular songs, characteristic of their musical style and aesthetic. Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du is insanely addictive to listen to and for good reason too as it features powerful rap in combination with incredible vocals – a K-Pop classic!

1. BTS – Spring Day

Nominated for a Grammy, performed at the Grammys, spoke at the UN, BTS is single-handedly the biggest K-Pop group and arguably the biggest musical act in the world. With each release breaking world records and dominating music charts, one song continues to be held in high regards by fans and critics alike – Spring Day. With a touching allegory behind it, complemented by some of the most beautiful lyrics ever, BTS created a masterpiece with this one. Fan or non-fan, this song is sure to touch hearts.

This Pinkvilla approved playlist is perfect to induct your friends into the K-Pop fandom or even for you to revisit some of the classics!

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What did you think of the songs on this list? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section below!

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Always spring day

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Love Scenario by B.I. the genius

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lol I stan all already

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Sevangi joshi is my motivater. ❤️❤️❤️