BTS subjected to inappropriate racist commentary yet again: What is #RacismIsNotComedy and why you should care

In another disgusting instance of discrimination, BTS become the butt of a racist joke, this time on Chilean national television.
BTS BTS subjected to inappropriate racist commentary yet again: What is #RacismIsNotComedy and why you should care
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Another day, another appalling instance of racism talks over the internet. Ever since the dawn of the pandemic, the Asian community worldwide has been suffering from severe discrimination, hate crimes, violence, verbal abuse and more. This peaked after the reported shootings of Asian American women in Atlanta. It is an unspeakable tragedy, not only for the families of the victims first and foremost but also for the AAPI community (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders), which has been reeling from the surge of racial discrimination. This has instilled a great deal of fear and panic among the AAPI community who have been suffering from such hate crimes for quite a while now, most of which often goes overlooked. 

In light of the tragedy and to stand in support of the Asian community, BTS released a strong statement condemning racism and hate crimes against Asians, emphasizing how it's high time that the community take up the reins and deliver their message clearly. They also expressed how they have been subjected to multiple instances of racism themselves, from being mocked to being cursed out because of their identity as Asians. 

However, it seems as though ignorance is still at an all-time high. A group whose core message has always been, in the leader RM's words, "Tell me your story. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, the color of your skin, or your sexual identity. Speak yourself. Find out who you are and your own voice by describing yourself.", it is shameful that the world is still treating them with a contempt born of racism. 

A Chilean comedy TV show 'Mi Barrio', broadcasted on national television performed a "parody" of BTS with jokes based entirely on the principles of xenophobia, racism, mockery and ill intention. When asked to introduce themselves, the actors who were supposedly representing the members, presented their names as being variations of Kim Jong Un, the infamous North Korean dictator, with the last part being changed for numbers. Later, they were asked to say their "real" names, to which they replied with "V", "Jungkook", "Agust D", "J-Hope" and "Jin". After a prolonged joke about Jin's name, the host went on to make fun of the Korean language and so did the "guests". 

Such racist micro-aggressions are the root cause of the bigger problem around the world and there's no way this can ever pass as humour. In response to the overflowing complaints levied against the show, Mi Barrio posted on their Instagram account, "Thank you everyone for the good vibes!! We'll continue improving, learning, listening and we'll remain firm in our intention: to bring fun to families". Not only is this grossly ignorant of the entire situation but also seems to dismiss it altogether as nothing but "criticism" as they added, "We collect all the positive comments and also the critics, because that's what we're here for: contribute a little with humour and fun." 

ARMYs around the world, especially Chilean ARMYs have lodged innumerable complaints against the TV show on multiple official platforms and have apologised on the show's behalf. However, the strength this fandom has shown in retaliation is incredible. #RacismIsNotComedy has been trending on Twitter incessantly, both in India and worldwide, highlighting the disgusting nature of the situation. We have to keep this fight going until and unless the roots of this evil are uprooted, leaving no traces behind. 

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What do you think about this issue? Can racism be passed off as humour? Share your thoughts with Pinkvilla in the comments section down below!

Anonymous 3 weeks ago


Anonymous 3 weeks ago

yea i agree and my big sister showed me that someone did a peck of a BTS video and then he or she made bts fat and that makes me mad because BTS are the best and they change our life because RM said that we are beautiful how we are and nothing makes us ugly and that is true.

Anonymous 4 weeks ago

I am not much of an army BUT no one deserves this kind of trash treatment. N.O.O.N.E. it's just shocking how the world's turning dark.