BTS’ SUGA’s ‘Agust D’ on its 5th release anniversary: A story of despair, success and everything in between

We are delving into the world of Agust D today. Read more below.

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BTS' SUGA at an event
BTS' SUGA at an event : courtesy of News1

Agust D, an alias for BTS’ SUGA. ‘Agust D’, his self named first solo album. The mixtape released on August 15, 2016, became the second solo venture by a BTS member after leader RM’s mixtape ‘RM’ on March 20, 2015. A total of 10 tracks are featured on the album, each unique and so defined that they continue to be a wild success among the fans and non-fans alike. Today, we are dissecting the knockout album, one track at a time.

1. Intro : DT sugA (feat. DJ Friz)

The introduction to the mixtape happens with this bold number as Agust D spearheads with funky beats as he asks the listeners if they are ready for what’s about to come. He introduces being a ‘D boy’ as he is ‘from the D’, an ode to his hometown Daegu in South Korea. With repetition of letters in his name on drum sounds, this becomes the most befitting introduction to his album and himself.

2. Agust D

The title track of the album, ‘Agust D’ begins with the unmistakable drums as the ‘new thang’ tries to show people how his journey as a rapper was not easy as they believe it to be. With the aim to make his mark in the rap scene, Agust D thinks the naysayers should be thankful he chose to be an idol. The music video for the song dropped with just as much power as the song itself as the artist rapped with ease in a messy, abandoned location. It already had over 131 Million views when we wrote this. Watch below.

3. give it to me

Another song with a music video to its name, in ‘give it to me’ Agust D is back in the unruly location, this time rapping about the success he did not expect. Breaking through his hurdle, quite literally, he talks about how he gave his all while trying to get to his place, not knowing if this was a success. He calls on for everything ‘honour, money or fame’ that comes his way as the world continues to burn around him. Check out the video below.

4. skit

A short ‘skit’ tears into the heavy songs as a conversation between what appears to be the artist himself and his elder brother is heard. A thankful Agust D explains his motive behind the mixtape and the people for who he is grateful. These include artists Yankie and Suran who feature on his mixtape, apart from his own sibling sitting right in front of him who believed in his ability. It’s a refreshing look into the mind of Min Yoongi (Agust D’s original name) and only adds to the beauty of the album.


5. 724148

Starting low, this track comes as one of the most surprising ones on the album. Agust D speaks about his entrance into Big Hit Music and how he was discovered. It’s a story so well woven by the artist that words would not do justice to it. We suggest checking it out yourself.

6. 140503 at dawn

What seems to be another conversational song at the start ‘140503 at dawn’ is Agust D bearing his soul in front of everyone as he speaks from the perspective of a 19-year-old. Sociophobia, a topic untouched by many in fear of coming off different, Agust D reveals his thoughts not alarmed by people’s opinions and how difficult it is to maintain ‘human relations’. 

7. The Last

A track considered to be representative of the real Agust D, ‘The Last’ walks you through a myriad of emotions as the artist once again lays down his deepest thoughts. He talks about his strong face being a facade to hide his mounting depression as he ‘exchanged his youth for success’. His story spoken one milestone at a time, Agust D goes from ‘Seiko, Rolex, AX Hall and Gymnastic Stadium’ in that order, painting his stepping stones wonderfully.

8. Tony Montana (feat. Yankie)

A message to himself, ‘Tony Montana’ has the artist comparing himself to the fictional character of the movie ‘Scarface’ as he feels like Tony Montana but does not want to end up influenced by his fame and money. Yankie adds an edge to the hip-hop track, delving into how it is not a game of rock, paper, scissors to achieve a good reputation as a rapper.

9. Interlude : Dream, Reality

With the sound of a soft piano, ‘Interlude : Dream, Reality’ is more like a realisation of how dreams and reality are two very different things expressed with the ceaseless ‘Dream’ throughout.

10. so far away (feat. Suran)


A sensational end to the album ‘so far away’ featuring the solo artist Suran plucks at heartstrings one lyric at a time. Agust D is talking about his dream, how it doesn’t have to be defined by what others find normal, with his own twist. He wishes to fly but seems to be stuck and his misery finds no end in sight. Suran’s voice, laced with deep emotions sets this track apart from the rest, as the two spin words in hope and despair altogether.


The 28-minute 13-seconds long mixtape is a magical storybook as we see it through the eyes of Agust D, only it’s so real that you feel changed every time you listen to it. Masterpiece would be an understatement, we bow down to this once-in-a-lifetime creation.

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