BTS takes ARMY behind the making of their new self directed album BE; Jimin says it ‘encompasses many stories’

BTS members recently opened up about the process behind their newly released, self-directed album BE. SCroll down to see what they said.
BTS takes ARMY behind the making of their new self directed album BEBTS takes ARMY behind the making of their new self directed album BE; Jimin says it ‘encompasses many stories’
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BTS recently shared insights into the creation of their new album on comeback day! In case you missed it, on November 20, BTS released their new album BE, featuring the title track Life Goes On and held a global press conference to talk about the process and more. All members were in attendance except Suga, who is currently recovering from shoulder surgery. Last August, the group shared their uplifting single Dynamite after having their world tour cancelled due to COVID-19. With the song, they became the first Korean artist to reach No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Regarding the three months since they released Dynamite, RM commented via Xportnews via Soompi: “We kept ourselves as busy as possible. This album has been in the works since before Dynamite. We worked on it during promotions. What’s unique this time around is that we tried to share as much of the production process as possible.” 


He added, “We revealed aspects of the process through videos or live broadcasts. These details are usually kept under a veil. Hopefully, listeners can later think to themselves, ‘Ah, so that’s how this was made.’” BE is meant to be a page out of a journal. The word “be” implies a sense of being, or of existing. Its open-ended nature helps the group talk about their story, thoughts, and aspirations honestly.


BTS’s Jimin was the album’s music project manager, he stated: “I became the project manager following Suga’s suggestion. It’s not a hugely significant role, I just compiled the members’ opinions and delivered them to our label, while I delivered the label’s thoughts to the members.” He also explained, “While we were discussing the theme for the album, a key phrase that came up was ‘life goes on.’ RM talked about the way life continues no matter what and how to maintain our ways of life despite the changes around us. The rest of the members found it relatable and we decided to adopt it as our theme.” He added, “The word ‘be’ leaves room for interpretation. I thought it appropriate for an album that encompasses many stories.”


The title track Life Goes On delivers a hopeful and comforting message during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an alternative hip-hop song that features an acoustic guitar sound. The phrase in the title was also a key point of the group’s speech at the 75th UN General Assembly. RM stated, “The song has the same roots as Dynamite. We as a group always start out questioning what kind of story we can tell, at that moment in time. Dynamite was a song that was good for dancing away any negative vibes during the summer.” He also said, “Life Goes On has a little more weight but offers a gentle and genuine source of comfort. It could seem obvious in a way, but we tried to interpret the hard truth in our own way.”


All members participated in the production, and they delegated a project manager for each part of the process, actively adding their touches to the concept and design of the album. They took part in the concept photos and clips, album cover, music video, and more. Jungkook directed the music video for Life Goes On, capturing candid moments of the members’ lives. He stated, “The title of ‘director’ seems too big of a position to fill. I just like filming in my daily life, so it came naturally. I did my best. When I heard the song, I thought it would be important to be realistic and sincere. It’s cool to think that my videos will be in our music video. It was a great opportunity.”


V directed the visual aspects of the album. He commented, “I took on the role in hopes of showing [our fans] ARMY cool and meaningful versions of ourselves. The process wasn’t entirely easy, but I was able to make it through thanks to the support of my members and fans. I incorporated our comfortable selves.”


Jin said, “Everyone has experienced time stopping because of COVID-19. It’s frustrating and sad, but we included those emotions in the album in an honest way. We hoped that many people could relate to it, be comforted, and comfort others.” He added, “Still, the album doesn’t just have sad songs. There are also upbeat songs that express that mood in BTS’s unique way.” Jin went on to say, “It seems like the world has stopped, but it keeps going. I hope we can all find small sources of happiness in our everyday lives. Let’s keep it up and live on!”


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