BTS' V dominates global trends with impactful acting performance in IU's Love Wins All MV

BTS member V who recently captivated viewers with his appearance in IU's pre-release music video Love Wins All, is now trending #1 worldwide for his impactful acting in the MV. Read on!

Published on Jan 25, 2024  |  09:44 PM IST |  132.5K
BTS' V and IU in Love Wins All; Image Courtesy: EDAM Entertainment
BTS' V and IU in Love Wins All; Image Courtesy: EDAM Entertainment
Key Highlight
  • BTS' V trends worldwide for his performance in IU's Love wins all MV
  • IU unveiled pre-single Love wins all featuring BTS' V on January 24

BTS’ V aka Kim Taehyung made waves on January 24 with his stellar acting in IU's Love Wins All music video. Directed by Um Tae Hwa, the video explores a dystopian narrative. Taehyung's standout performance drew praise for its emotional depth and chemistry with IU. Fans and netizens lauded his versatility, fueling anticipation for more acting endeavors from this rising star.

BTS' V trends for his performance in IU's Love Wins All MV

On January 24, Kim Taehyung took the internet by storm, captivating audiences with his remarkable acting alongside IU in the music video for Love Wins All. Directed by Um Tae Hwa, known for Concrete Utopia, the video explores a dystopian world where speech is restricted, and one character sees solely with the left eye.

Despite prioritizing BTS over K-dramas since Hwarang in 2016, Taehyung delivered a standout performance, showcasing a spectrum of emotions as a character with limited vision. The MV's scale, cinematography, and dystopian theme fueled its viral reception.

Praising Taehyung's acting, netizens expressed surprise at his talent and diverse expressions, lauding his chemistry with IU. Comments flooded social media, acknowledging his potential as a versatile actor. X (formerly Twitter) witnessed 'Actor Taehyung Returns' and 'Kim Taehyung' trending worldwide, emphasizing the global impact of his acting debut.


Positive reactions flooded forums, commending V's immersive performance. Fans praised his natural acting, emotional depth, and chemistry with IU. The overwhelming response positions Taehyung as a rising force in the acting realm, leaving fans eager for more of his on-screen endeavors.

IU dropped Love wins all MV on January 24

IU's latest release, Love wins all, featuring BTS' V, unfolds as a poignant visual masterpiece, delivering a narrative of concealed love and tragic destiny. Released on January 24 as a surprise midnight drop, the music video, directed by Um Tae Hwa, showcases IU and Taehyung's exceptional acting skills, immersing audiences in a post-apocalyptic world and a heart-wrenching love story.

Despite the initial backlash for its title, which changed from Love Wins to Love wins all, the single captures artistic depth, leaving a lasting impact on fans. This release serves as a prelude to IU's highly anticipated upcoming album, promising more emotional and captivating musical experiences.

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