From BTS’ V to SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups: Here are 6 KPop idols with a unique ideal type!

You’ve heard of physical traits and bright personalities, but do you know that some idols have a rather simple ideal type? Read all about them below!
BTS member V aka Kim Taehyung posing for a photo during BE promotions From BTS’ V to SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups: Here are 6 KPop idols with a unique ideal type!
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South Korean beauty standards - everyone knows how notorious and toxic it is. While many people do consciously or unconsciously bind themselves with those standards, there are some people who look for an ideal soulmate outside those notions. Physical traits do matter, yes, but when it comes to it turning toxic, not really. 

In an interview conducted by Asian Boss in 2015, they asked Korean women to describe an ideal Korean woman. And lo and behold, it was the same that it is in 2021 - small face, under 50kg, white skin tone, above 5’5’’ in height. Fortunately, we have some celebs (who always have the public’s eyes on them) who don’t give into this. All they want from their ideal type focuses more on their personality. But, we do also have some of our K-Pop stars who have a unique ask for their ideal type! While their nature remains number one, these weird notions are number two that they seek for. 


Ready to know them? Take a look below! 


BTOB’s Sungjae 



Starting off this list is a unique type that hardly anyone would have thought of. The 25-year-old singer-actor Yook Sungjae, known majorly as Sungjae, has a pretty fun and, if we can say, hygienic ideal type. While he would want his significant other to be straightforward, not fake, thoughtful and energetic, there’s something else he would want them to have - a nice belly button! Comes off as a slight surprise, doesn’t it?





What is V, aka Kim Taehyung, not known for? He has great creative intelligence, is gorgeous, has killer expressions, is an artistic soul that yearns for museums, photography and painting and has an expensive taste. ARMYs will remember him sharing his first meeting with BTS story on how his mother bought him an expensive coat so that the rich kids in Seoul don’t look down on him. Well, as he rose to popularity and became a stunningly gorgeous man, his tastes have also evolved. V’s ideal type is someone who is wise with money and will stop him from spending or making bad choices with money! 


WINNER Seunghoon



The singer, song-writer and choreographer of the K-Pop group WINNER, Seunghoon, has a weird ask for his ideal type. Even though it sounds pretty basic, it makes us think just how much he scrapes his knee or does something that would make him want them? Can’t figure out what we’re saying? Well, Seunghoon’s ideal type is someone who will carry band-aids in their purse. We’re still wondering why. 





The group is preparing for their comeback album that will be released next month, after two years! Focusing on Gikwang, he once revealed on a variety show that he left the soccer team due to a groin injury and is focusing more on going to the gym and strengthening his core, back in 2018. This background is important because it seems like he has fallen in love with the gym! Personality aside, he would want his ideal mate to do one thing - prepare protein shakes after his workout! Now making protein shakes is a tricky affair. But that’s what Gikwang wants his significant other to be good at! 





Considered one of the best and hard working leaders in the K-Pop industry, S.Coups the 25-year-old rapper has a rather unique but a simple ideal type too. While it does involve a nice personality, his ideal type should also work well and should be someone who  loves Febreze. Febreze is a perfume spray company that sells car, air, fabric perfume sprays and more! Now that’s one odd ask. Maybe he loves the scent of Febreze!


SF9 Jaeyoon



This is one of the simplest unique ideal types we’ve come across. While SF9’s lead vocalist, Jaeyoon, is showing us incredible performances on Mnet’s Kingdom: Legendary War, his ask for his ideal significant other is pretty simple - they should like Pokemon. He also prefers someone who’s cute and can do aegyo. Coupling aegyo with Pokemon’s adorable creatures, it does seem like the perfect match! 


So while others either have impossible beauty benchmarks, all these boys want is a simple thing that matters to them the most! 


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What do you think about these simple yet unique ideal types? Do you fit in any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

Anonymous 5 days ago

Sungjae is very charismatic and apparently likes navels hahahah I love this unique man!

Anonymous 1 month ago

No one on Kim Taehyung V level. Taehyung with ethereal ideal visual has splendid charisma, breathtaking stage presence, unique versatile vocals from baritone to high notes, gorgeous acting, perfect mesmerized dancing, composing, songwriting, producing outshines and outstands. Taehyung V National Treasure. Taehyung V Prince of Continent. Taehyung is much more bigger than KPOP. That's the reality of impact of Kim Taehyung V of BTS