BTS' V teases a short acoustic track on Twitter, Is KTH1 coming sooner than we thought?

BTS' Taehyung surprised ARMY with an exclusive sneak-peek of a new song, sending ARMY into a frenzy. Read on to find out.
KTH1 is the tentative title of Taehyung's mixtape BTS' V teases a short acoustic track on Twitter, Is KTH1 coming sooner than we thought?
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Hold your horses, everyone, KTH1 may be coming sooner than we thought! ARMY is aware of BTS' penchant for dropping surprises and sending fans into a frenzy. Last evening BTS dropped the MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E CONCEPT PHOTOBOOK Teaser with their exquisite visuals and beauty. Just when we recovered from that, Taehyung dropped a short snippet of a new song on Twitter leaves fans awestruck.

On April 21, at 4:30 am KST, Taehyung released a short over a minute-long snippet of his new song. The snippet is captioned as 'sleep', we can hear Taehyung's acoustic husky vocals in all its glory! A mix of English and Korean lyrics, the song is soothing and comforting like a lullaby! ARMY is ecstatic over this surprise release and took to Twitter to trend 'Kim Taehyung' and 'KTH1' to celebrate his new song. Fans are wondering if this untitled song is part of KTH1 and is the mixtape coming sooner than we think? Well, brace yourselves, because Taehyung may just drop a bomb on us anytime soon. 

You can catch the snippet here:

Taehyung was supposed to release his mixtape last year, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he couldn't release it. His self-written and composed track Blue & Grey, originally supposed to be part of his mixtape, was eventually included in BTS' 2020 album BE. All the members are working on their solo music and we can expect a lot more solo music this year. 

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Where can we watch Taehyung's song snippet?
On BTS' offiicial Twitter