BTS World Domination trends after FIRST Grammy nomination; ARMY ecstatic as they break into major categoryBTS

BTS was trending ever since Grammy nominations were announced, the band’s fandom aka ARMY flooded social media, praising the group for their first Grammy nomination in a major category.
BTS World Domination trends after FIRST Grammy nomination; ARMY ecstatic as they break into major category
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Stand down, Army. The Recording Academy's snubbing of BTS has come to an end, as the boy band has received their first proper Grammy nomination, making history all over again as they become the first K-pop group to break into a major Grammys category. Nominations for the 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards were unveiled on Tuesday, with BTS being recognized in Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their English-language single, Dynamite. 


Naturally, the BTS fandom aka ARMY was over the moon after the news broke, so much so that within minutes of the announcement, BTS WORLD DOMINATION, THEY DID IT and I’M CRYING was trending on Twitter. Scroll down to read some of the best, most heartfelt reactions to the band’s monumental Grammy nomination.


One fan wrote: “thinking about that time someone said that BTS' accomplishments always come in bunch of them per day and never just one and it just keeps proving, BTS world domination.” Another added: “i'm honestly so happy for @bts_twt. they deserve this and so much more. i can't wait to see what the future holds for them. a grammy win? a grammy performance? a grammy sweep next year? bts world domination, one step at a time #GrammyNominatedBTS."


Some fans even revisited the band’s humble beginnings and said: “The fact that they were looked down upon because they came from a small company and we’re told that “they will never going to make it” and now are nominated for the #Grammy no is doing it like the @BTS_twt BTS WORLD DOMINATION.” Another added: “from didn't recognize without name tags , criticize by so many ppl, and from small company and now to the biggest boyband in the world  who keep dominating the world with their music, YES BTS PAVED THE WAY AND BTS WORLD DOMINATION THEY DID IT.”


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